Maryland – The DVDfever Review – ITV drama – Suranne Jones

Maryland Maryland sees estranged sisters Becca (Suranne JonesVigil) and Rosaline (Eve BestHouse Of The Dragon) forced to meet up again together, because they’ve just had the worst possible news they can about their mother… and she hasn’t just become President of the Piers Morgan Fan Club.

However, why was she on her own, alone in Wales? In fact, there’s a disparity about exactly where she’s been, so it feels like they might not quite be getting the full picture, early on.

There’s also pictures in her house showing her with people that her daughters never knew about, so just how much did they know about her life? This includes a writing group she ran, with Pete (Hugh QuarshieHighlander 4K Boxset Collector’s Edition).

So far, I’ve only seen the opening episode, and while I’ve only set out the basics, and there’s more info to impart was you watch it, but the whole of it is so tedious that the only thing I can particular remember about the episode is that Grease‘s Stockard Channing pops up as Cathy, another friend of their mother.

The only point of note is a scene where they both walk around their mother’s house, which reminds me of when my parents died, and you have to deal with all that they leave behind. First time was my Dad, and so my Mum, my sister and I were dealing with his place. Of course, when Mum died, there was one less to process things.

Ultimately, I did attempt to watch episode 2 when broadcast, but it was even slower, and I managed halfway through before I gave up, because it was so tedious, and I didn’t care what happened to Mary. She was best off out of this…

There’s no trailer online, oddly, but Ms Jones did talk about it on This Morning, on Thursday, to Phillip Schofield for his last interview on his last show. How well do you think it went?

Maryland begins on ITV tonight on Monday at 9pm, and is shown over three consecutive nights. After that, it’ll be on ITVX. It’s not yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD.

Suranne Jones Tells Phillip Schofield Exactly What Everyone Thinks Of Him on This Morning! #Shorts

Director: Susan Tully
Producer: Emma Burge
Writers: Suranne Jones, Anne Marie O’Connor
Music: Samuel Sim

Becca: Suranne Jones
Rosaline: Eve Best
Cathy: Stockard Channing
Pete: Hugh Quarshie
Richard: George Costigan
Jacob: Dean Lennox Kelly
Jim: Andrew Knott
Lauren: Rhiannon Clements
Molly: Yasmin Davies
Mary: Judy Clifton
DT Ian Quayle: Ben Addis
Solicitor: Steph Lacey
Mallory: Geraldine McAlinden
Nick: Ed White