Mira’s Brush on PC / Steam – First impressions / Gameplay – Colour-based platformer

Mira's Brush Mira’s Brush is a new colour-based platform game which, at times, has a feel of the old Super Mario Bros 2D side-scroller games, but for this, you can avoid being killed by enemies by using your brush at the right moment to take away their colour and leave them looking grey. Of course, like Mario, I wanted to them jump on top of them and bump them off, but that doesn’t happen with this – it’s just safe to land on them.

Personally, after a brief play of this, I didn’t really get it in terms of the gameplay – and overall, it’s a bit too bizarre for me to be able to get into – but I liked the Ernest Borgnine reference in the dialogue, early on.

Take a look at the gameplay below.

Mira’s Brush is out now on PC/Steam.

Mira’s Brush – Gameplay – PC (1080p, 60fps) – DVDfeverGames

Important info:

  • Developer: Duckbill ProDucktions
  • Publisher: Angel Star Studios
  • Players: single-player