Morning Live – The DVDfever Review – Kym Marsh, Gethin Jones

Morning Live Morning Live looks like the kind of show which is intended to be a rival to This Morning on ITV, and Jeremy Vine on Channel 5. However, this is a mercifully short 45 minutes, so isn’t going to trouble either of them too soon, and is more like a complement to the 7pm stalwart, The One Show, which started in 2007 and, like herpes, will never go away.

Also coming from the same studio but with a hasty temporary redesign, the two presenters for this latest effort are one-time Hear’Say singer, bit-part actress and all-round non-entity Kym Marsh. She’s coupled with Gethin Jones, who’s probably the only BBC bod not yet to be tainted with any kind of scandal, so there’s still time.

The hot topics included:

  • Bacteria on facemasks: Apparently, when not in use, facemasks should be placed within a resealable plastic bag – even though the Greta Grinches of the world tell us we shouldn’t use plastic. After washing some of them, but not doing so for one, how much bacteria is on each one? A lot. And even if you do wash them in a standard machine, they’ll just get a ton of bacteria from other clothes. Lovely…

  • Rocketing house prices: from Homes Under The Hammer‘s Martel Maxwell – just one of many Skype chats where we can see more of their nostrils instead of their face.

  • Apartment block cladding: Gethin received a letter about how his Manchester apartment block features cladding as bad as that found in Grenfell Tower in London. His chats with members of the public including meeting several people inside one flat, where all had to wear masks so they each looked like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises.

More hot topics:

  • Clocks going back: While that is fine for us all, it’s when the clocks go forward in March that it causes a problem as we’ll lose sleep, and we learned the happy news that it causes a – 24% increase in heart attacks…

  • Craig Revell Horwood: Filling the time is this irritant waffling about Strictly Come Dancing and the endless non-entity ‘celebs’ who appear on it… oh, and to plug his own crappy book, Dances and Dreams on Diamond Street, with a link there if you’re desperate enough, or know someone you hate and want to give it them for Christmas.

  • Wales stores lockdown: Following Wales’ crazy lockdown of “non-essential items” in shops, this has led to the likes of Tesco sectioning off whole areas of the store, even though there’s no evidence that there’s spreading of the virus within shops. Same with pubs and bars, but try telling that to the powers that be.

    In England, there’s tiers 1-3 at the moment, but we might get a Tier 4 as the powers that be continue to make things up on the hoof. Meanwhile, Scotland has five tiers – not from 1-5, but 0-4. Yeah, exactly(!)

    So, Morning Live will supposedly run for eight weeks, although if it lasts more than one before ratings fall off a cliff down to zero, like Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch, I’ll be surprised. It’s just 45 minutes of plenty of forced banter with a pairing of presenters that makes no sense as they have zero chemistry, and often, they struggle to look at the correct camera.

    Morning Live continues tomorrow morning on BBC1 at 9.15am. You won’t find this series on Blu-ray or DVD any time ahead of the next apocalype.

    After each episode airs, it will be on the BBC iPlayer.

    Morning Live – Official Trailer – BBC

    Episode 1 Score: 0/10

    Presenters: Kym Marsh, Gethin Jones