New Blu-ray & DVD releases w/c September 26th 2011

Once again, we look at a few titles in more detail which are due out next week. The prices listed are the current prices on Amazon. New Blu-ray & DVD releases w/c September 26th 2011

New movies and main releases:

  • 51 (£12.99 Blu-ray, £8.99 DVD, G2)
  • 2001 Nights (£15.99 Blu-ray, £11.99 DVD, Manga)
  • As If I Am Not There (£8.99 DVD, Element)
  • Blitz (£13.99 Blu-ray, £9.99 DVD, Lions Gate)
  • Blood Out (£9.99 DVD, Lions Gate)
  • The Cape Season 1 (£15.99 DVD, Universal)
  • Kill The Irishman (£10.99 Blu-ray, £8.99 DVD, Anchor Bay)
  • La Pointe Courte (£8.99 DVD, Artificial Eye)
  • Le Bonheur (£8.99 DVD, Artificial Eye)
  • L’une Chante, L’autre Pas (£8.99 DVD, Artificial Eye)
  • Lemonade Mouth (£9.99 DVD, Walt Disney)
  • Prom (£8.99 DVD, Walt Disney)
  • The Secret Laughter of Women (£7.99 DVD, Second Sight)
  • Thor (£14.99 Blu-ray, £17.99 Blu-ray, £9.99 DVD, Paramount)
  • Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (£13.99 Blu-ray, £7.99 DVD, Sony)

TV Series:
  • The Big Bang Theory Season 4 (£14.99 DVD, £32.99 Complete DVD, Warner)
  • DangerMouse 30th Anniversary Edition (£34.99 DVD, Fremantle)
  • Fringe Season 3 (£36.99 Blu-ray, £29.99 DVD, Warner)
  • Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 (£36.99 Blu-ray, £28.99 DVD, Paramount)
  • Heartbeat Season 7 (£41.99 DVD, Network)
  • House Season 7 (£32.99 Blu-ray, £22.99 DVD, Universal)
  • The Killing Season 1 (£25.99 Blu-ray, £29.99 DVD, Fox)
  • Love in a Cold Climate – The Complete Series (£11.99 DVD, Network)
  • The Middle Season 1 (£14.99 DVD, Warner)
  • The Only Way Is Essex Series 2 (£13.99 DVD, C4 DVD)
  • Sanctuary Season 3 (£27.49 DVD, E1)
  • Sorry Series 6 (£10.99 DVD, BBC)
  • Southland Season 1 & 2 (£17.99 DVD, Warner)
  • Wallander Collected Films 14-20 (£32.99 DVD, E1)

Blu-ray premieres:
  • Airplane! (£12.99, Paramount)
  • Ben-Hur – Ultimate Collector’s Edition (£15.99, Warner)
  • Beverly Hills Cop (£12.99, Paramount)
  • Bizet: Carmen in 3D (£17.99, Opus Arte)
  • Clear and Present Danger (£12.99, Paramount)
  • Cold Mountain (£16.99, Optimum)
  • The Hunt for Red October (£12.99, Paramount)
  • Manhunter (£12.99, Optimum)
  • The Naked Gun (£12.99, Paramount)
  • Nirvana: Live at Paramount (£15.99, Geffen)
  • Patriot Games (£12.99, Paramount)
  • Planes, Trains & Automobiles (£12.99, Paramount)

House Season 7

House (Hugh Laurie) and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) explore the ramifications admitting they have feelings for each other and attempt to make a real relationship work. Meanwhile, due to a colleague’s illness, Princeton Plainsboro is left without a neurosurgeon on site, threatening the hospital’s accreditation as a Level 1 Trauma Center.

As the team attempts treatment to get their sick colleague back to work, they discover there is more to the illness than they originally suspected and turn to House for direction. Instead, House remains elusive, leaving the team on its own in the season premiere episode of House.

House Season 7 is released on Blu-ray (£32.99) and DVD (£22.99).


The world has many heroes, but only one is a god. When the arrogant warrior Thor (Chris Hemsworth, Star Trek) is banished to Earth from his homeworld of Asgard, he must fight to reclaim his lost powers. Pursued by an invasion force sent to destroy him, the fallen God of Thunder must rise to the battle and learn what it takes to become a true hero. Natalie Portman (Black Swan) and Anthony Hopkins (Beowulf) also star in the blockbuster adventure that critics are saying “Hammers home the action” (Sunday Mirror) and “10/10. THORSOME!”(Daily Star).

Special Features:

    Commentary by director Kenneth Branagh
    Marvel One-Shot: The Consultant
    Road to the Avengers
    Deleted Scenes with optional commentary
    Teaser Trailer
    Theatrical Trailer
    Avengers Animated Trailer

Thor is released on Blu-ray (£14.93), Blu-ray 3D (£17.99) and DVD (£9.99).

Fringe Season 3

Fringe, the series that Rolling Stone calls the “most exciting drama around,” returns with a brand new season of endless impossibilities, exploring the depths of the mysterious saga that holds millions of viewers in its hypnotic grasp. Shape shifters, cryonic heads, belly-dwelling beasts, and shadows that turn victims to dust inhabited the last season.

Season three plunges further down the rabbit-hole as we rejoin our three unlikely partners–FBI Agent Olivia Dunham, brilliant but damaged scientist Walter Bishop, and his jack-of-all-trades son Peter–on mind-bending investigations, battling threats lurking at the border between science and science fiction. The world of the impossible is alive and well in what The New York Times describes as “the most satisfying, coherent story arc of any science-fiction-flavoured primetime drama.”

Fringe Season 3 is released on Blu-ray (£36.93) and DVD (£29.99).

The Killing Season 1

From writer, executive producer and series showrunner, Veena Sud (Cold Case), The Killing is based on the wildly successful Danish television series Forbrydelsen and tells the story of the murder of a young girl in Seattle and the subsequent police investigation. The Killing ties together three distinct stories around a single murder including the detectives assigned to the case, the victim’s grieving family, and the suspects.

Set in Seattle, the story also explores local politics as it follows politicians connected to the case. As the series unfolds, it becomes clear that there are no accidents; everyone has a secret, and while the characters think they’ve moved on, their past isn’t done with them.

The Killing Season 1 is released on Blu-ray (£25.99) and DVD (£17.99).

Ben-Hur – Ultimate Collector’s Edition

This 1959 version of Lew Wallace’s best-selling novel, which had already seen screen versions in 1907 and 1926, went on to win 11 Academy Awards. Adapted by Karl Tunberg and a raft of uncredited writers including Gore Vidal and Maxwell Anderson, the film once more recounts the tale of Jewish prince Judah Ben-Hur (Charlton Heston), who lives in Judea with his family during the time that Jesus Christ was becoming known for his “radical” teachings.

Ben-Hur’s childhood friend Messala (Stephen Boyd) is now an ambitious Roman tribune; when Ben-Hur refuses to help Messala round up local dissidents on behalf of the emperor, Messala pounces on the first opportunity to exact revenge on his onetime friend. Tried on a trumped-up charge of attempting to kill the provincial governor (whose head was accidentally hit by a falling tile), Ben-Hur is condemned to the Roman galleys, while his mother (Martha Scott) and sister (Cathy O’Donnell) are imprisoned. But during a sea battle, Ben-Hur saves the life of commander Quintus Arrius (Jack Hawkins), who, in gratitude, adopts Ben-Hur as his son and gives him full control over his stable of racing horses.

Ben-Hur never gives up trying to find his family or exact revenge on Messala. At crucial junctures in his life, he also crosses the path of Jesus, and each time he benefits from it. The highlight of the film’s 212 minutes is its now-legendary chariot race, staged largely by stunt expert Yakima Canutt. Ben-Hur’s Oscar haul included Best Picture, Best Director for the legendary William Wyler, Best Actor for Heston, and Best Supporting Actor for Welsh actor Hugh Griffith as an Arab sheik.

Disc One & Two: The Movie

    Newly remastered and restored from original 65mm film elements
    Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio
    Commentary by film historian T. Gene Hatcher with scene specific comments from Charlton Heston
    Music-only track showcasing Miklos Rozsa’s score

Disc Three: Special Features

    Charlton Heston: A Personal Journey (78 min) [HD]
    Ben-Hur: 1925 silent version, from the Thames Television restoration with stereophonic orchestral score by composer Carl Davis (143 min)
    2005 Documentary: Ben-Hur: The Epic That Changed Cinema–Current filmmakers such as Ridley Scott reflect on the importance and influence of the film on modern epics (58 min)
    1994 Documentary: Ben-Hur: The Making of an Epic, hosted by Christopher Plummer (58 min)
    Ben-Hur: A Journey Through Pictures–Audiovisual recreation of the film via stills, storyboards, sketches, music and dialogue
    Screen tests (30 min)
    Vintage newsreels gallery
    Highlights from the 1960 Academy Awards ® ceremony
    Theatrical trailer gallery

Ben-Hur – Ultimate Collector’s Edition is released on Blu-ray (£15.99).

Southland Season 1 & 2

From Emmy Award winners John Wells, Ann Biderman and Chris Chulack comes a raw and authentic look at the police unit in Los Angeles. From the beaches of Malibu to the streets of East LA, Southland is a fast-moving drama that will take you inside the lives of cops, criminals, victims and their families.

Michael Cudlitz (A River Runs Through It) plays John Cooper a seasoned Los Angeles cop, assigned to train young rookie Ben Sherman (Benjamin McKenzie, The O.C.). Cooper’s honest, no-nonsense approach to the job leaves Sherman questioning whether or not he has what it takes to become a police officer.

Cudlitz and McKenzie are joined by cast members Regina King (Ray, Jerry Maguire) who plays Detective Lydia Adams. Adams lives with and is the primary caregiver of her mother. Her partner, Detective Russell Clarke (Tom Everett Scott) is an unhappily married father of three. Michael McGrady (The Thin Red Line) plays Detective Daniel “Sal” Salinger. Sal oversees fellow gang detectives Nate Moretta (Kevin Alejandro) and Sammy Bryant (Shawn Hatosy, Dexter Season 5). Arija Bareikis plays patrol officer Chickie Brown, a single mom who dreams of being the first woman accepted into SWAT.

Southland Season 1 & 2 is released on DVD (£17.99).