New Super Mario Bros U on Nintendo Wii U – The DVDfever Review

New Super Mario Bros U

New Super Mario Bros U: With every new Nintendo machine, there’s always a new Super Mario Bros title to play, and the Wii U is no exception.

Do you really need to know the plot? Oh, go on then… In this one, Bowser, accompanied by the Koopalings, invades Princess Peach’s castle, taking out his giant mechanical arm to throw Mario, Luigi and the Toads far away. Mario and co. now have to head across this new land to find the path to the Princess’ castle in order to save her again.

As always, the object remains to get from the start to the end of each level while collecting bonuses and avoiding monsters and hazards, including the big boss at the end of each segment. I just played this one on my own, but it supports up to five players simultaneously, with four of the five being able to choose from Mario, Luigi and two toads while the fifth will use the Gamepad to put blocks down and stun enemies.

Super Mario Bros U: Acorn Plains Crushing Cogs Tower (720p HD)

New elements include a Flying Squirrel suit, which allows you to glide across the long distances or slowly descend vertical paths, as well as clinging to walls. There’s also two new modes of play: Challenge Mode and Boost Rush. Challenge Mode adds unique challenges, such as clearing levels quickly or earning as many 1-UPs in a row as possible without touching the ground. The Coin Battles from New Super Mario Bros. Wii also return and this time, the player can customise the battles with the GamePad to place the coins and Star Coins on the course. Boost Rush takes place on an automatically scrolling level which increases in speed as players collect coins, with the goal to clear the stage as quickly as possible. The game also utilizes Miiverse, allowing players to share comments about particular levels with one another.

I’m not an expert when it comes to these games, but they never disappoint. I know good fun when I see it, and I enjoy hopping and leaping about onto moving platforms, trying to capture those hard-to-reach coins.

This is always an engaging game to play, and has never looked better than on the Wii U with its crisp and colourful 1080p graphics, which are fast and responsive.

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