Nintendo 3DS XL meets original NES!

nes-3ds-xl180Nintendo have released their proposed image for an NES-inspired 3DS XL, the Nintendo Entertainment System having first been released in Japan in 1983 before coming to Europe in 1986. And theirs was called the Famicom, which looked a damn sight more sexy, whereas ours was a brick! Still, I had a great time playing Super Mario Bros on the NES at Revival 2014.

Of course, the 3DS XL is smaller than a brick, so Nintendo have modelled it on the NES controller, while the package it comes in looks like an NES, as you can see from the full-sized image below.

At present, the only price confirmed for the NES Edition is in the US for a cent under $200 at Gamestop, and Nintendo fans will also be pleased that Super Smash Bros Edition 3DS XL is out on September 19th over there, whereas in the UK the game will actually be bundled in the unit, pre-installed and the cover will show off many of the games characters such as Mario and Link.

You can also buy Super Smash Bros on Nintendo 3DS will be available on October 3rd, while the Wii U version has yet to be given a release date.