Nogalious on PC and MSX – The DVDfever Review

Nogalious is a new platformer out on both PC, and also recently on the MSX. Yes, it’s another great example of new games being made for old hardware.

It’s also one of the hardest platformers I’ve ever played, which thus mirrors some of the platforms I used to play in the ’80s, which made me want to launch the computer through the window…

…But since I was a kid, I couldn’t afford the replacement (of either), so was glad when I calmed down and gave it another go.

Somehow I completely missed this game when it was released on PC/Steam in August 2018, and only came across it with the recent MSX release, but I was able to check out both so I could compare. While a number of modern games no longer come on a disc and are only available as a digital download, I’ve had some games exceed a crazy 50Gb of hard-drive-filling space.

Meanwhile, Nogalious is a tiny 87Mb on PC, and a miniscule 7Mb for the MSX version! And the latter also includes an emulator so it plays immediately. Both have the same great chiptune soundtrack, including the typical ominous music as you are on your way to deathsville…

I had an Atari 2600 back in the day, but not an MSX, causing me to be immensely jealous at the time, since they could play my favourite arcade hits perfectly, such as Track And Field. However, I have played on one when I’ve been to Play Expo in Manchester (next one on May 4th & 5th 2019) and they were great fun. I’m a huge retro gaming fan, and both the PC and MSX versions fit that bill.

Physical editions of both versions are also available, the PC being on CD, and the MSX coming on a cartridge, and I love that that is still happening today. Given how retro is new again, these days, oh, how I wish I’d kept all my original console games in pristine condition… AND hadn’t sold or lost them!

Don’t worry – it’ll be fine once I buy a time machine. A crazy old man showed me how you can make one and power it with plutonium. I’m sure it’ll be safe. After all, what can go wrong! 😉

Nogalious – MSX gameplay – Me Dying A Zillion Times…

(My first attempt) – DVDfeverGames

Want a story? Then you play as the titular Nogalious, who is going through the worlds of Rusadir, trying to find your daughter, Marieta, who has been kidnapped by the evil Darama. In short, navigate your way round each screen – including what is definitely the hardest ever first screen I’ve ever played in any game – grabbing the key as you go, and head to the next.

World 1 has 11 screens, while Worlds 2-5 has 12 apiece. Once you’ve gone through them twice, you can enter the Azpiri Dungeon for a further three screens. Even programmer Raúl Nogales confirms that this game is “extremely difficult”, so if you’re up for the challenge, then dive right in. Bear in mind, though, that he estimates to complete it will take you around 100 hours!

So, have I completed this game prior to writing this review? No, I have not. However, from what I have played, I can tell what a fun platformer it is, and if you’re playing the Steam version, it has an incredible 99 Achievements to complete.

Of course, what I could really do with, is infinite lives. This isn’t possible for love nor money, sadly. Starting with 5 lives and 3 continues (so, 15 lives in total), I would’ve loved an infinite number of continues so I could get the most of it.

As I post this, only Nogalious is available from Luego Lu3go Studios, but when you check out the page with forthcoming titles, the rich artwork for this and the rest, including Mirilla, Dragorieta (the two follow-ups to Nogalious in the trilogy) and Alebrihe, remind me of when I was a kid and saw adverts aplenty for ZX Spectrum titles for games from Software Projects (who took over the publishing of Manic Miner from Bug Byte) as they had the most exquisite artwork. This also continues on the site’s Downloads section where, if you only have the download for the PC version, you can still see the glorious manual which is included in the physical release.

Between the two versions, while I know the MSX version will be of great appeal to many, for me, it’s the PC version I have to go for. The rich 8-bit colour palette reminds me of elements of Castle Quest, released in 1985 by Micro Power. That also was a platformer and worked really well but, like Nogalious, was bloody difficult!

And like this game, it was also great fun!

But I do still need infinite continues… – or at least a way to be able to continue from a later world once I’ve already reached it in a previous game – Please? 😀

Nogalious is out now on both PC and MSX.

You can also buy the game in physical form on PC and MSX.
as well as the CD soundtrack.

Score: 8/10

Nogalious – PC Version – The first 17 Minutes – DVDfeverGames

Important info:

  • Players: single-player