Puerto Ricans in Paris – Trailer #1 – Luis Guzmán

Puerto Ricans in Paris Puerto Ricans in Paris centres around (no surprises, here) stars Luis (Luis Guzman) and Eddie (Edgar Garcia) as two Puerto Ricans in Paris (I told you there were no surprises)… Well, they start off as NYPD detectives, but have to go over to track down a stolen handbag.

Written by Ian Edelman and Neel Shah, and directed by the former, and also starring Rosario Dawson, Ravi Patel, Miriam Shor, Alice Taglioni and Rosie Perez, there’s no UK date for this, and in the US it’s gone direct to home viewing services, even though it looks better than most comedies that manage a cinema release.

Check out the trailer below and click on the poster for the full-size image.