Rang-tan – Iceland banned Christmas 2018 advert

Rang-tan was Iceland’s intended Christmas 2018 advert, but it’s been banned.

What is a Rang-tan? I had no idea before now, but it’s an orangutan, and a young girl finds he’s in her bedroom for seemingly no apparent reason…

Well, it’s because of deforestation and he’s been chucked out of the rainforest alongside many thousands of others as big corporations are chopping the trees down for palm oil, so, instead of a Christmas advert, it’s a Greenpeace-style message, coming to bash you over the head to make you feel guilty because you might buy products with palm oil inside.

The advert comes with the hashtag #NoPalmOilChristmas and these words:

“Dedicated to the 25 orangutans we lose every day. Until all palm oil causes zero rainforest deforestation. We’re removing palm oil from all our own label products.”

So, it’s been banned for being political, but there’s always someone who has to be offended.

How the Rang-tan actually got to the UK is not explained, however.

Check out the new advert below: