ReindeerReady – McDonalds Christmas advert 2018

ReindeerReady – or #ReindeerReady in hashtag terms – is the McDonalds Christmas advert for 2018.

You know McDonalds. It’s the burger joint where they make the food hours before anyone buys it, so it tastes like crap. Better off going to Burger King where they actually make it to order.

Anyhoo, this year, their advert centres around Father Christmas going from house to house, breaking and entering, and getting fed up that people are only leaving mince pies for him, and no carrots for his reindeer. Hence, in a last ditch attempt, he goes to McDonalds for some carrots, because EVERYONE going to McDonalds for carrots, right?

What the advert shows to me is that, if you’re a bum, you’ll get free carrots. And that’s it.

Oh, and they even have a website about it at Reindeer

Check out the ReindeerReady advert below.