RIP Alfie Evans and my thoughts on this case

RIP Alfie Evans RIP Alfie Evans. An inevitable end to a tragic situation, but the doctors and the law have to put the child first, in such a situation, and uplifting him to another country would’ve caused him unnecessary suffering and would not have extended his quality of life.

I had a very slim chance of survival at around 12 days old with a health condition that eventually led to my aortic valve replacement operation in 1994, so the doctors will do everything possible, in their power, to do what’s best for their patients.

The NHS should be allowed to flourish, not sold off to private companies as certain politicians would like it do be. Next time you get a chance to vote, vote wisely.

Hopefully, those idiots who were storming the hospital, abusing the staff, and even setting up a bouncy castle on the middle of the dual carriageway outside, all spend today having a word with themselves.