Robney McPlum (aka Rob) – My psychotic stalker – NOW identified!

Robney McPlum – Yes, I have now identified you. How? I will not say. I will, however, say on here that your first name is Rob. I know your surname, I have a picture, and I know a lot more about you.

I’m not posting that here… for now. Stay away from me, and that is where it will all end. However, if you bully me or anyone else, I will post it here.

November 29th:

Hey, Robney McPlum, aka Ian, after you trolled and harrassed me and other people with tweets aplenty from your @PugnaciousDee Twitter account, look what’s happened! You’ve been suspended! Bwaahhahahhahahhahahhahhhahahahhahahahahhah!

Look above and below, and you can even click on the above one for a bigger image.

Keep doing this, and I’ll keep getting your trolling accounts shut down.

And since you know my address, come visit me and I can laugh in your face!!! Bwaahhahahhahahhahahhahhhahahahhahahahahhah!

Robney McPlum Robney McPlum is still stalking me as well as trolling by entering into any other tweet I send on Twitter (below), sticking his oar in and harrassing everyone he can. Examples of those are below, and I have removed the names of anyone else in the tweet because he is the only issue, here.

Even telling him about how ill my mother is doesn’t stop him.

Ian, Robney, or whatever your exact name is – you are seriously fucking deranged. I don’t even know what your problem is, as you’ve never actually told me, but you keep making reference to a specific stand-up comedy gig at which I, and others, performed, and for some reason, you’ve never been able to let this go. That gig was around 9-10 years ago.

When the day comes that I find out who you are, it won’t end well for you as you will go to jail for a considerable amount of time.

Are you happy for your son to think of his Dad as a jailbird?

I request that anyone reading this trace the real name of this person so I have that to add to my police report. He WILL be traced and feel the full weight of the law.

November 1st:

Robney McPlum – Well, my stalker is back.

He is also known as Chris Frayne and another email address of his is

He’s replied to a tweet I sent to another company. He now shows as having blocked me, but there’s always a way round that and this just shows what a fucking whacko he is. Why he can’t just get a life is anyone’s guest, but the fact @PugnaciousDee and @Freestufffan1 (the usernames he’s now using) has continued to stalk me for over 10 years confirms not all his dogs are barking.

In discussion with the police, they tell me to keep a record of everything he does, so here it is. They state that one day he will slip up and reveal his identity, and so when he does, and I have his full name and address, I will post it here.

You’d think this psychotic fuck would have better things to do, since he has a young son, and this is time that would be better spent with him than on harassing people.

What’s made you do this, Ian? Were you dropped on your head as a baby? There must be something that has happened to cause this level of retardation in your head. God help all your offspring. Just imagine if they all turn out like you?!

Also at this point in time, my mother is in hospital following one or more strokes. One is in the thalamus – the centre of her brain. She could very easily die soon. So, apart from the fact I really don’t need your shit, and never have done, put yourself in my shoes and imagine one of your own relatives at death’s door, perhaps even your son. Think about that.

Just imagine your son lying in hospital, barely able to communicate again, perhaps EVER! Let it sink in. Then fuck off out of my face, forever.

I would suggest you come back to my house and we’ll have it out man to man, but I know that if I caught you outside my house again, you would piss your pants.

April 8th:

Robney McPlum is the pseudonym of an individual I have yet to learn his full name. I know his first name is Ian or Iain, and all I have of his email address is ia*************

I *will* find out the full details about him because he has forced me to this with his sick, twisted behaviour over almost an entire decade.

He’s stalked me on Facebook, before I blocked him, but his frequent use of the hashtag – #gangofchase – relating to the TV quiz, The Chase, was obvious for that one.

I’d suspected it was him for a good while. However, it wasn’t until recently when I had the time to look up his username – in depth across the internet – and he has used it A LOT over the years, on all kinds of websites and social media.

He frequently chats with himself across his variety of Twitter usernames because – clearly – no-one else will talk to him.

He tries to be funny by posting so many tweets that he thinks will spoof anything I might post online, to the point where he has posted over ONE THOUSAND on his current Twitter handle based on mine, and he posted over 800 on a previous one before I had that closed down.

And since I thought I’d blocked him on Facebook, I’ve since learned he’s ended up back on my friends list as he posted some tweets, yesterday, relating to something I posted on Facebook soon after making the comments.

Clearly, setting up multiple Twitter accounts with thousands of tweets about me isn’t enough, since today, I just learned of his latest act. I won’t give a direct link to the page with my car registration number on there, but on a website called ‘Rate-Driver’, he has created EIGHTEEN separate accounts so far to post libellous comments about me, identifying me by that number. The police have been made aware of this as well as all his previous actions listed below in my earlier post.

What have I done to him? Nothing at all. I can’t fathom any of this out. This is a lunatic who is seriously out to lunch.

Now, here’s where I need everyone’s help, as I need to identify this man’s name and publically name and shame him. He uses Robney McPlum a lot, as a pseudonym. However, he also has this on his Youtube page, robneymcplum100, and in the video for My son doing the cinnamon challenge, he can be seen In other videos, he names his son. There MUST be someone who can identify this lunatic.

On the two videos below, you can partly see his face on the first and then hear his voice on both. The first is him forcing his son to try the ‘cinnamon challenge’, which just seems to be parental abuse, and the other is a video shot at the Apocalypse rollercaster at the Six Flags theme park. There cannot be too many men with with glsses and a shaven head, as shown in the above photo, a voice as is heard, and also with a son with such an obscure name.

This ALL must stop now. After 9 years of this, you WILL be named and shamed. It’s just a matter of him and you brought it on yourself 100%.

UPDATE 21.00 today: Robney McPlum has deleted the videos I linked to, so that proves my stalker is him. BINGO!

Don’t worry, mate, the police are aware of everything you’ve done, and are continuing to do. You’ll be in for a lengthy jail sentence.

UPDATE 9.4.18 21.00: My stalker’s talking to himself yet again via tweets which I’ve screenshotted and saved for the police.

Robney Mcplum claims not to be my stalker by saying he hopes the REAL stalker own up, otherwise Robney will he will ‘have the shit brought to my door‘. Oops! You’ve just given yourself away there, mate!

And do pop round then, as after 9 years of your stalking, we really do need to discuss this, but do let me know your real name before you turn up otherwise if you haven’t got an appointment, my butler will turn you away and that would be an awful shame.

UPDATE 14.4.18 9.00: Another example of my stalker talking to himself, and what he is like. Look at the two tweets below which I have screenshotted. The first is Soham double-murderer Ian Huntley, who killed 10-year-olds Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells. The second is Ian Watkins, former singer with Lostprophets, who abused children in such depraved acts that I am not going to go into more detail, here.

Robney McPlum, aka Ian, has children. He gets off on promoting these sickos. The first one, he writes “Team Ian” on the picture, and for the second, he’s abused the #MeToo movement.

If you know who Robney McPlum is in real life, you can tell me in confidence so I can divulge it to the world without revealing your identity.

If you know where ‘Robney McPlum’ works, print off this page and send it, or take it into his employer.

If you know which school ‘Robney McPlum’ takes his children to, print off this page and show it to the head teacher there. None of what he is doing is in any way human. I have put the screenshot behind a spoiler header as it’s really grim. Click on it for the full-size picture and show it to anyone he knows and see if they approve of this.

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

UPDATE: 30.4.18 1.00: I found some posts on a forum where he waffled more bullplop. First he excels in being a bully, and then later, he self-proclaims that he’s off his meds.

Naturally, after the first post, no-one replies about this because who would want to celebrate someone who takes pleasure in being a cyberbully on Twitter? He refers to “me and some mates”, yet it’s him and his schizophenic buddies because they’re all in his head. In fact, no-one replied to him after his second, also, He is the Nowhere Man, making plans for nobody.

Click on the image for the full-size version.

Previously on
October 29th, 2017:

DVDfever calls for online abuser-in-chief Rob Manuel to close hate-speech site B3ta

Rob Manuel B3ta, created by Rob Manuel (right), is a website from which I’m getting constantly bombared with trolls ever since I joined it, and I haven’t posted on there for some time as a result of this.

There’s one user called Jeffrey44 who regularly pretends to be me, even to the point where, when I’ve told people whose posts he’s commented on that he is NOT me, they don’t believe me!

I’ve had trolling Twitter accounts directed at me, the latest of which had upwards of 700 tweets before I realised they exist. It now has over 800 tweets, but I’m not going to give them the oxygen of publicity. I’ve also had harrassment on Facebook, on public and private posts (the latter of which I worked out who was doing it on there and blocked them).

Their FAQ also states “It’s best not to use your real names on any messageboard, and posting other people’s real names when they’d rather they weren’t known is a big no-no, and the same applies to any kind of private details”. Well, I’ve had my real name and personal details published on there many times. Still, Rob Manuel does nothing. In case he deletes that, I have screenshotted it below (click on the image for the full-size version)

And finally, one of them actually came to my house and put something on my car (second image down), identifying the Twitter account through which they were trolling me.

Going by the experience I’ve received, I wonder if Rob Manuel would be happy if his children were also scared that this individual will come back. I do hope you’re proud of yourself, not only for what you’ve done but also for setting the example of Worst Father Ever.

Rob Manuel

They’ve tried to harrass me through as many forms of social media and online avenues as they can find, with endless sock puppets on B3ta including Jeffrey44, I Am Doncaster, HappyToast, Milk Milk Lemonade, Fadgebadger, eViLegion D, Tab Hunter, FartThroughAWalkieTalkie, Woodkovsky, Happosai and Robney McPlum.

In fact, as I stated earlier, I no longer post on B3ta. But then I don’t need to, since my stalker posts my website posts and videos on there anyway! They are deranged beyond belief.

Seriously – who has the time to devote to not only harrassing, but also pretending to be me? *I* don’t have time to be me!! I’ve got a ton of gardening that needs doing, so if they have the time, then step right up and save me a job!

How long has all this been going on? OVER EIGHT YEARS! Did I break a mirror or two or something?

And why me? No idea.

A few years ago, I tried complaining to B3ta about the trolls they let run riot and received a reply from Rob Manuel, which was just full of offensive language.

Last Sunday, I complained to B3ta about further abuse which they do nothing about. What did they do as a result? I was banned. Well, (a) I’m not posting on there anymore in any event, and (b) you can simply log out and see the posts.

In fact, their FAQ also states that if you get banned, your old posts are all gone. No, they’re still there!

There’s also further endless abuse against me on there which B3ta and Rob Manuel refuse to remove, so in being wilfully complicit, Manuel can also end up in jail, given his failure to deal with the trolls on his tawdry website. Check out Godfrey v Demon Internet for more on this.

The police are aware of every last action that has gone on regarding this.

In fact, Rob Manuel‘s own Twitter account could well prove to be an indicator that HE, himself, is behind all this. It states his account is a ‘parody’ – clearly his attempt to be hilarious, while the Freejackflan account does the same. No-one’s laughing, Rob.

Before this, the same happened with ‘flapjackfan’ (which I had shut down) and there’s the short-lived @fatpackfan. As I stated earlier, he’s clearly complicit in the systematic abuse against me.

B3ta is nothing more than a breeding ground for stalkers, perverts and other delinquents. Everyone involved who’s complicit in this obsessive, trolling action – whether creating threads about me or cheering them on – is culpable.

If you still use B3ta on a regular basis after reading this, just ask yourself whether you’d like one of them to pay a visit to your house. It’s not normal behaviour.

Rob Manuel – I know you will see this, even though you blocked me, as someone will post it on B3ta at some point. The ball is in your court. This stops NOW. Either shape up, or suffer the legal consequences, and I will see YOU in court, Mr Manuel.

Updated 30.10.17:

    Since posting the above, rather than discuss things like an adult, Rob Manuel has blocked me from other B3ta-related Twitter accounts, and then continued to bury his head in the sand.

    Also, Jeffrey44 and his sock puppets have started a thread (which I won’t link here) about this. They swear a lot, they’re very derogatory, and how any of this is the work of adult individuals, I have no idea.

    The long Rob Manuel leaves this, the worse it can only get for him and B3ta. Perhaps he’s had enough of the site and wants to call it a day? Perhaps he’s chicken and doesn’t want to admit his mistakes? Perhaps he’s both.

Updated 31.10.17:

    Since Rob Manuel is unwilling to act on anything, and contravene his own site’s rules, I conclude that it is HE who is behind all of this.

    He has a big surprise coming to him in relation to his website, and I shall enjoy every last minute of his anger when it happens.

Updated 1.11.17:

    To any little bullies trying to post comments on here:

    • (a) I’ll just delete them and block you
    • (b) Each comment or visit to this page just adds to my hits and makes it more popular online.

    And to anyone sending me nasty emails, use that time more wisely, say, by taking up voluntary work, or doing your homework like your mum keeps telling you to do. Who knows? Maybe you’ll graduate to high school!

Updated 2.11.17: I had an email from Rob Manuel:

    “Hi Dom

    We’ve removed this post and asked mods to look out for mentions of you and remove them.

    Also your account has been closed and your old posts removed in an attempt to bring this to an end.


My reply, to which I’m still waiting for a further reply:

    “I didn’t hear an apology for the years of abuse and stalking I’ve suffered and still suffer.

    Get those b3ta accounts shut down that are doing the trolling and then that’d be a start.


If he ever does bother, I would add:

    “Your site is just a big ball of hate. Why bother continuing with it? Are you that desperate for hits? It gives nothing to the internet other than fuelling more hate.

    Maybe things like Sickipedia had its day years ago, but everyone seems to have grown up except you, your staff and everyone who still frequents B3ta.”