Save Me Mr Tako Definitive Edition on PS5 – The DVDfever Review

Save Me Mr Tako Save Me Mr Tako Definitive Edition shows that if you liked to shove cartridges up Game Boys back in the ’90s, you can do it all again with this experience which is based on the style at the time.

There’s a war between the human realm and the octopus kingdom, and only you can solve it by going through 50 levels over six worlds, solving puzzles, playing mini-games, exploring dungeons, pressing this to open that, while trying not to die in the meantime.

After playing for a couple of hours, I can see that while there’s a lot of people who’ll be into this, personally, I’m not brilliant at it. Also, I found it odd that when I rejoined a save game with 7 lives and then went into one of the caves, I ended up dying and losing them all, and it autosaved me with just three lives to my name! Excuse me?! Now I can’t go back to the one with 7 lives! 3 is all I get! This does seem broken to a degree.

When it comes to the game, it’s very much a case of “Can you get all the gems and other pickups in every single level?” Well, I can’t get ALL of them, but I did give it a good trym in my time playing this.

At one point, it sends you up to where the humans live, on the proviso that you confirm you will NEVER hate another human being ever… What, not even Piers Morgan?

I know there’ll be a number of people who’ll be playing this to completion, but for me, I’ve died enough and seen enough, but my gameplay videos can be seen below, and at the time of posting this review, I’ve still got a couple of gameplay videos to go up.

Thanks to our friends at Deneos for the review code for this game.

Save Me Mr Tako Definitive Edition is out today on the digital stores for PS4 (although I played it on PS5), Nintendo Switch and Steam. You can also buy physical Nintendo Switch versions from Limited Run Games, but it’s currently sold out, and I don’t know when they would restock.

Save Me Mr Tako Definitive Edition on PC Playlist – Gameplay (4K UHD 60fps) – DVDfeverGames

Important info:

  • Developer: Christophe Galati
  • Publisher: Deneos
  • Players: single-player