Scared Of The Dark – The DVDfever Review – Channel 4 gameshow – Danny Dyer

Scared Of The Dark Scared Of The Dark shows just how much Channel 4 have veered away from Sunday evening drama and films, instead giving us reality shows like Rise And Fall and Tempting Fortune. Not quite sure why, but perhaps it’s getting the ratings as they’re continuing, and running almost nightly.

This one is hosted by Danny Dyer (Cheat), introducing celebrities to spend 8 days in a pitch-black hangar, and the first contestant being former boxer Chris Eubank, who goes in smoking a cigar, which doesn’t seem a good start with health and safety. I won’t reveal too much about happens so there are no spoilers, but early on, Eubank’s first task is to find and recover five items removed from his luggage, including a toothbrush and slippers. Yes, he could spend over a week without a way to clean his teeth. Bleah.

However, depending on how they’ll do in challenges, they could win rewards which include getting to spend some time in a ‘light chamber’, so they won’t be completely in the dark.

The other contestants, some of whom I’ve heard of before, are Paul Gascoigne, Max George, Nicola Adams, Chris McCausland, Scarlett Moffatt, Donna Preston and Chloe Burrows. Naturally, Gazza is famous, and in reality, also turned up at the Raoul Moat stand-off, although I understand his appearance was removed from the ITV drama. I figure, givenwhat he’s been through in life, he would be the most interesting person in this. As for Ms Moffat, she only came to the fore following the awful Gogglebox, so I question the word “celebrity”.

Aside from that, I know doing this sort of thing would freak me out, given that with my OCD, I hate touching stuff that other people have touched – unless there’s a way to clean my hands afterwards, but in the dark, at least you wouldn’t know what had already been touch… but is that a help or a hindrance? Hmm….

Naturally, Dyer cracks wise with his commentary, and for Eubank, you really could enjoy a series of Monkey Tennis with him, but for some of those with whom I’m not familiar, I don’t know whether they’re overacting for the camera, or actually… scared of the dark.

Personally, one episode of this is enough for me, but as I mentioned, reality shows are working for Channel 4, so expect more in due course.

Scared Of The Dark begins tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm, continuing nightly until Thursday, and after each episode, they will be on All 4. It’s unlikely to be released on Blu-ray or DVD.

Scared Of The Dark – Official Trailer – Channel 4