Secret Obsession – Trailer 1 – Brenda Song

Secret Obsession
Secret Obsession centres around Jennifer (Brenda Song), who’s had an accident and is recuperating from trauma, but she remains in danger as she returns to a life she doesn’t remember.

Basically, the man who said is her significant other – Russell (Mike Vogel) – may or may not be telling porkies. And since this is a movie, he’s definitely telling porkies! As such, this looks like one of thos typical dumb psychological horror movies you’ve seen a million times before. Avoid.

Secret Obsession is released on Netflix on July 18th, but they’ve got a zillion other things best watched.

Director: Peter Sullivan
Writers: Peter Sullivan, Kraig Wenman
Also stars: Dennis Haysbert, Ashley Scott, Paul Sloan

Check out the trailer below: