Sharp Objects Episode 1 – The DVDfever Review – Amy Adams

Sharp Objects Sharp Objects is a new HBO mini-series, broadcasting in the UK on Sky Atlantic, which is based on the novel by Gillian Flynn, and published in 2006, and follows newspaper journalist Camille Preaker (Amy Adams – Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice), who’s pulled away from her reportings in her dilapidated living area of St Louis, in order to get to the bottom of the situation regarding two girls, Ann and Natalie, who were taken and brutally slayed, in a town called Wind Gap, which is also Camille’s hometown, and is even more dilapidated.

Given that this is a psychological thriller, things get rather weird, and Camille also drives a car that’s as dirty as mine (except with less mess inside). Then again, at least I don’t drink and drive! I also couldn’t happily soak in the bathtub in a motel where the room is manky as hell!

Also, a little CGI has clearly helped one of the road signs so that instead of detailing the motorway exit, it says “Last Exit To Change Your Mind”. Plus, I presume in this age of health and safety and being against animal cruelty, that the dog sitting in the back of a pickup truck, is NOT sat bolt upright and unrestrained, otherwise it would be likely to jump out and cause an issue or three.

In addition to Camille’s chaotic personal life, there’s dark humour when she begins her task and talks on the phone back to her boss in St Louis, “I’m going to join the search party, now. Hopefully, we’ll turn up a dead little girl(!)”

There’s also another interesting line where one charactre says, “When you die, part of you goes to heaven, and the other part stays on Earth, just to check out how things are going.” That’s a fascinating theory I’ve always wondered about, as it seems to bizarre and final that someone can be truly gone.

Overall, this first episode shows it’s an interesting little pot-boiler, and Ms Adams is great as usual; and without giving spoilers, we also learn that Camille has suffered some sort of loss (as long as I was understanding that part of it). However, it is all a bit too disjointed to fully get a handle on. That said, when it’s weird, I like that, and it looks like it could be good, so I’ll certainly stick with it and see where it’s going.

One piece of advice: you could really do with putting the subtitles on for this as everyone mumbles too much.

Sharp Objects continues next Monday on Sky Atlantic at 9pm, and is available on catch-up now. It’s not yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD.

Sharp Objects – HBO Series Trailer

Episode 1: 6/10

Series Director: Jean-Marc Vallée
Writers: Gillian Flynn, Marti Noxon
Creator: Marti Noxon
Novel: Gillian Flynn
Music: The Acid

Camille Preaker: Amy Adams
Adora Crellin: Patricia Clarkson
Detective Richard Willis: Chris Messina
Amma Crellin: Eliza Scanlen
Chief Bill Vickery: Matt Craven
Alan Crellin: Henry Czerny
John Keene: Taylor John Smith
Frank Curry: Miguel Sandoval
Bob Nash: Will Chase
Young Camille: Sophia Lillis
Marian Preaker: Lulu Wilson
Jackie O’Neill: Elizabeth Perkins
Annie B: Beth Broderick
Deeanna: Catherine Carlen
Melissa: Loretta Fox
Eileen Curry: Barbara Eve Harris
Pastor: Randy Oglesby
Chris: David Sullivan
Natalie Keene: Jessica Treska