The Affair Episode 7 – The DVDfever Review

The Affair Episode 7The Affair Episode 7 begins again with Noah, and both he and Helen are with Whitney’s shrink just before they all go back home… and she can sense that one of her parents is having an affair… and assumes it’s Helen doing the do with slimy Max!

Noah suggestes them all heading home ‘today’, but it’s only Tuesday and sulky Whitney wants to stay until the end of the week, as planned. Due to the early finish, Martin wants to apologise at the ranch for letting their horse run amok – and that means Noah has to see his squeeze again… D’oh!

When getting back to the house, Helen’s Dad, Bruce is kicking up a stink because Vanity Fair have published an article accusing him of letting his wife Margaret do the lion’s share of the work. Rather than stay and help them patch things up, they head back, despite Margaret dropping the bombshell that Bruce has a mistress, which pricks up Noah’s ears.

Back home, prick is one thing that isn’t working for Noah, as he can’t get it up for the missus. Perhaps it’s because Oscar caught him just before he left and tried to blackmail him for $10,000, or else he’ll tell Helen. Noah easily manages to get the dosh out of his mate Max.

While out jogging, Noah seizes up and a passerby calls an ambulance. It’s a possible heart attack…. but it’s okay, as it’s just a panic attack, brought on by stress. The stress of the affair, of course. He tells Helen that it was just a fling which meant nothing, and that he and Alison played ‘hide the sausage’ a few times, and ‘fessing up to a 2-month affair makes his wife feel like she wants to hurl lung butter, and she doesn’t know how to deal with it. Meanwhile, he tries to justify it to a degree by throwing an old affair she once had back in her face.

After a couple of sly texts from Oscar, Noah phones him to inform him of developments, instructing the restaurant owner to go have intimate carnal relations with himself.


Noah is blackmailed by Oscar, but how far will he take it?

And then to Part 2 – Alison, obviously. Annoying Cop is still fishing for clues about how Scotty met ‘The End’. She then sees Noah as he goes to pick up Martin and, as usual, they both presented not to know each other.

She finally quits the Lobster Roll after spending the majority of her life there, and heads over for her final paycheck – one she won’t be getting. Taking some pies in return, she gets back to the ranch, but Cherry knows she’s screwing around because Noah left a note in her bike basket, which got stuck to the pie boxes. Cherry burns it before Alison can get to read the contents, however.

Cole has a plan to make peace all round by waving a white flag and all going round to Oscar’s house to tell him they’ll support his expansion plans just to make that peace. He’s happy with that, but when Scotty throws him a punch, Oscar spills the beans on who called the cops over the cocaine situation. Who was it? Quote, unquote: “The guy she’s fucking”. Cole doesn’t take this lightly and beats down on Oscar. Since she later confirms her squeeze doesn’t live in the area, Cole drops it, telling her it’s her problem to sort out. And she’s off into Brooklyn to visit Jane, who’s also finished with the Lobster Roll now that the summer is over.

Jane proves to be over-obsessive – moreso than Alison, since after getting high, they find Noah’s home address online, and also that of Helen’s store. A potentially awkward situation is resolved when Helen wants to thank her for the day she performed the Heimlich on her daughter and saved her life… but it’s still awkward for her, and out she heads.

After a nosey past Noah’s house, she comes back to the flat to find Cole has arrived. There’s a problem. After they buried the cocaine, it disappeared by the time they went to dig it up again. Cole blames whoever she was boning, and it doesn’t take long for her to give up the info.

deals with the pain of losing his Dad by counting, and doing the same for when they lost their son, but it overwhelmed him. After a lot of moping, they head home to find his brother Hal in hospital, courtesy of taking the coke back to the dealers.

Towards the end of the ep, Annoying Cop goes to The End’s motel, asking if Noah ever stayed there. His name’s not showing up on the register, but then when doing the business with Alison, he’s hardly going to give his real name, is he?

The tedium concludes as Cole tells his wife he wants to try for another baby. I know there’s not much decent totty to go around out there, but is a cheating wife the very best he can do?

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Alison goes to Helen’s store in the city, but what to say to her?

Episode 7 Score: 3/10

Director: Ryan Fleck
Producer: Andrea P Stilgenbauer
Writer: Kate Robin
Creators: Sarah Treem and Hagai Levi
Sound: Marcelo Zarvos

Noah Solloway: Dominic West
Alison Bailey: Ruth Wilson
Helen Solloway: Maura Tierney
Cole Lockhart: Joshua Jackson
Whitney Solloway: Julia Goldani Telles
Max: Josh Stamberg
Bruce Butler: John Doman
Stacey Solloway: Leya Catlett
Trevor Solloway: Jadon Sand
Martin Solloway: Jake Richard Siciliano
Cherry Lockhart: Mare Winningham
Margaret Butler: Kathleen Chalfant
Detective Jeffries: Victor Williams
Oscar Hodges: Darren Goldstein
Jane: Nicolette Robinson
Caleb Lockhart: Michael Godere
Scotty Lockhart: Colin Donnell
Hal Lockhart: Danny Fischer