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Sir Lovelot
Sir Lovelot is a new and very charming platformer with 8-bit pixel-style graphics, set over 40 levels across four worlds – well, 42 levels, since there’s two bonus ones you weren’t expecting. Except, now you will be.

The knight is off to find his fair damsel by, ultimately, collecting a daisy in one part of the level before she will let down her hair, like Rapunzel, and you can climb up it and into her arms. The first stage has the daisy on the same screen, but as you might expect, things will get more difficult as you go on, resulting in your traversing through several screens – few of which are easy to negotiate – before finding the treasure.

Along the way, you’ll jump over spike-filled chasms (sometimes requiring double-jumps), dodge electric saws, shoot baddies in various forms, swim underwater, ride the air from huge fans, pull levers to open doors so you can reach other parts of each stage, avoid swinging axes, and even a huge, rolling skull in the ‘end of stage’ levels, which is very reminiscent of Raiders Of The Lost Ark!

Plus, you’ll collect rings, diamonds, golden eggs under geese and other items to collect for extra points… Oh, and die MANY TIMES!

Check out the entire gameplay, below, and you’ll see!

Sir Lovelot – Gameplay Walkthrough – DVDfeverGames

Some levels remind me of Donkey Kong with some boingy things to bounce up and down on – even though they look like something that actually bounced about the screen in Stage 3 of that game, climbing vines is like Donkey Kong Jr, plus there’s influences from some of other ’80s platformers which made those games so great, but while the pixel-style is so very often used in new retro-style games these days, this one grabbed me from started to finish.

Sir Lovelot really fits the bill. I like games like this which are not easy, not too difficult, and just enough of a challenge to give you a few hours of entertainment.

Also, it’s only £7.99 (or $9.99 in the US), so less than the price of a couple of pints in the pub. Remember pubs? They were a thing back in 2020.

Sir Lovelot is out now on many platforms including PS4/PS5, Steam, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and even the Atari VCS. As I understand it, while I played on PS5, this is exactly the same experience which you’ll get on PS4.

Score: 8/10

Sir Lovelot is out now on PC/Steam and the respective online stores for the PS4/PS5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Atari VCS.

Sir Lovelot – Launch Trailer – pixel games

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