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Snakebyte Carry Bag

Snakebyte Carry Bag: Here we have a carry bag for your Nintendo Swtich which is definitely more a bag than a case.

The hardest thing about reviewing this is my lack of understanding about why you would buy it. The case itself is made out of a neoprene material (synthetic rubbers) which is good in a range of climates. So I suppose, if I was going to travel to Dubai I would take this carry bag to keep my Switch safe. Saying that, I feel the case would be better but I am not a scientist.

The Switch is a lot smaller than this case. I suppose if you were under tight constraints about how much baggage and space you were allowed to take, you would choose this case, but I am not too sure how much I would like my Switch rattling around in my travel bag in this type of bag. I have to admit, I haven’t tried rattling the Switch around as I don’t want to take the risk. Using my expert opinion, I can’t see any possibility of the console staying as safe as it does in the original case.

Visually, the bag uses the simple black and grey on the Switch along with the red of the Snakebyte sign to create a bag which looks quite pleasing.

I also quite like the zip running diagonally across the front of the case where you can store headphones as well as games. I kind of feel that I am clutching at straws here though because I would have been incredibly surprised if a carry bag didn’t have a separate compartment.

One thing this bag is missing is a detachable strap or handle. Once the Switch is inside it, I become worried while I’m holding the console. Am I scratching the screen?

Overall, I can’t massively recommend this product as a carry bag. It lacks some real necessities and lacks a real purpose. Being a teacher, this case has become a really cool pencil case, but I suppose a pricey one at that. Personally, I would get the Snakebyte starter pack instead of this and would give this carry bag a basic 5.

Score: 5/10

Snakebyte Carry Bag for Nintendo Switch is available now from Amazon, and click on the picture above for the full-size version.

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