Snakebyte NSW Headphones for Nintendo Switch – The DVDfever Review

Snakebyte NSW Headphones

Snakebyte NSW Headphones: Using headphones has become quite important for me to use whilst I play my Nintendo Switch. Here we have a product made by Snakebyte. If you are interested in buying this product, I recommend getting them from the Amazon/Switch link above, as they seem to be selling out quickly.

Firstly, looking at the design, Snakebyte have again decided to stay simple with a little bit of extra colour for good measure. The two different shades of grey mixed with the red ensure the headphones match the style of the Nintendo Switch. To add a little extra to the design, there is a range of ribbed/smooth effect on the headphones. This all likes quite cool but headphones are all down to comfort and quality and not so much to do with looks.

With a boost 40mm driver output which is impressive in relation to their size and price. Due to this, I decided to test out the real power of these headphones and boy they delivered. To actually test out their full power, I used them with my Ipad. I had put my Switch up to full volume, but knew from the off that the headphones could reach louder levels. What was noticeable, was that even at full strength the headphones weren’t crackling or distorting. Personally I feel that these would benefit from having a volume dial attached to them, purely because I’m a little lazy when it comes to controlling sound and would rather not have to fiddle with a range of different things. They’re efficient at blocking out the noise outside of your gaming environment which was amazing for me being able to ignore having to do any household chores.

Quite often, cheaper headphones like these aren’t very comfortable. That isn’t the case with these, as they have good cushioning. They’re also very light, so they won’t make your head feel heavy at all. They also don’t make you feel like someone is compressing your ears together. This was a relief. I have worn these headphones for a number of different gaming sessions and they felt fine. The only time I did have a little issue was when I fell asleep wearing them… leading to me waking up with a slight earache so that is something I don’t recommend. Saying that, I wouldn’t recommend falling asleep with any headphones!

What I really liked about these ones is the extras. Snakebyte clearly believe in quality and being able to fold up the headphones and keep them in a smart, grey carry bag adds to that.

Overall, they’re well worth the £22.99 they cost. They have great sound, a sleek design and are considerably comfortable.

Score: 8/10

Snakebyte NSW Headphones for Nintendo Switch is available now from Amazon, and click on the picture above for the full-size version.

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