Snakebyte Nintendo Switch Starter Pack – The DVDfever Review

Snakebyte Nintendo Switch Starter Pack

Snakebyte Nintendo Switch Starter Pack: First of all, I don’t know much about Snakebyte but after my recent experiences with them I will definitely find out more. This is my third starter pack so I feel quite experienced in my review.

This one is a noticeable three pounds more than any of its other competitors. Inside the box, you get a carry case, screen protector, 4 game box, controller caps and a pair of headphones. Well worth the extra money in my opinion.

Again, we have a case that seems more durable than the official Nintendo one, and similar to the Venom product, we have two straps which keep the console in a prime position. I should also mention that, visually, Snakebyte seem like they know what they’re doing. The case is black, of course, but it is branded with the Snakebyte name in red. It just gives it that something extra, and Snakebyte is quite a cool name (DVDfever Dom: And in my younger days, a cool drink, too!)

The console fits comfortably in the case which reassures you of its safety and while the case doesn’t offer a stand, it will still stand firm on my stance that you don’t need one because the actual console has a stand. Yes the official Nintendo case’s stand is good if you are travelling, but that doesn’t happen too often for me unless I’m driving, at which point I can’t play the Switch anyway.

More important for this review are the extras you get with this pack. The game changer is the four-game case. Yes this case also has meshing that your games will slip and slide out of. However, it comes with a little stylish plastic casing in which to house those cartridges. This completely won me over.

Also of note are the controller caps. Do they add anything to playing? Not really. But they look cool and, sometimes in life, it’s about how good something looks. Right now, my Switch looks pretty damn cool.

Similar to its competitors, you get a pair of headphones which are distinctively average but do the job. They remind me of a pair of headphones that you would have got with a phone. They’re not great but they’re free.

Overall, this case has become my new favourite thing. I love the way it looks and thank Snakebyte for taking that little extra focus with presentation. I love how the controller caps look and make my Switch stand out compared to my mates. Most of all, I love the game cartridge case.

Yes you will pay an extra three pounds but that is clearly worth it – for me, this product is a clear 9. Well played Snakebyte.

Score: 9/10

Snakebyte Nintendo Switch Starter Pack is available now from Amazon, and click on the picture above for the full-size version.

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