Sony Playstation 4 to be released on November 13th in Europe


Despite Amazon not yet listing a date for the new Sony console yet, a number of retailers in Europe are listing the Playstation 4 for release in November, with Dutch outlet Media Markt reckoning on a date of November 13th. They also list the Xbox One as being released on November 25th. Similarly, Amazon remain non-commital on this.

Sony have also recently confirmed that their own launch titles will retail for $59.99 in North America, just like PS3 games, and the same price has been quoted for third-party releases such as FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25 and Watch Dogs.

The console launch prices remain unchanged with the PS4 coming out for £349 in the UK, while the Xbox One will be £429, with Microsoft recently changing tack on the issue of lending games, going the Sony route and saying yes to zero restrictions. They have still lost face by attempting to implement the restrictions in the first place, but look on the bright side – such a situation will never happen again!