Sony Playstation Vita – The Review

Sony Playstation Vita

If there’s one handheld console that has served me better than any other in my life, it is my PSP.. Nintendo’s offerings are fun but never feel like they provide any serious gaming offerings, Microsoft have never brought one out and so, for me, Sony’s devices have won the battle. And now, there’s the Sony Playstation Vita.

Personally, I never thought my PSP needed a touchscreen, but given that the Nintendo DS series have them and it’s also something that’s come to the fore with the rise of the smartphone, it was an eventuality. They went one better, though, and included a touchpad on the back. There’s also front and rear cameras and the main feature is undoubtedly that the touchscreen is a 5″ OLED one.

Haven’t heard of OLED? It’s a type of display which works without a backlight and can display deep black levels. It’s thinner, lighter and can also achieve a higher contrast ratio than an LCD, and thus will help it look at its most striking.

Going back to the camera, and while it takes both photos and video, I have to say I found it odd that it’ll do the former in 16:9 but the latter is just 4:3-only.

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