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Mark Kermode’s Secrets of Cinema Episodes 1 and 2 – The DVDfever Review

Mark Kermode’s Secrets of Cinema is a new five-part BBC4 series about the movie critic’s first love, which starts with romantic comedies, and it doesn’t take long before Mr Kermode breaks films down a bit more than the rest of us would, for example, in terms of showing how Splash perfectly fits the three-act structure […]

Five Dolls For An August Moon on Blu-ray – The DVDfever Review

Five Dolls For An August Moon is a film I’d not heard of before, but amongst Arrow’s vast back-catalogue of slasher horror cult classics, I’m slowly working through them one by one and filling in the gaps of my horror knowledge. It’s based on the Agatha Christie story Ten Little Indians, which was recently remade […]

Mark Kermode suffers Dirty Grandpa

Mark Kermode suffers Dirty Grandpa is how I’ve renamed “Mark Kermode reviews Dirty Grandpa“, but this looks to be such a bad movie that the reviewer appears to be sat in the psychologist’s office describing a harrowing experience as he begins, “I think the problem is…” Mr Kermode made me PMSL because he looks like […]

Laser IMAX – format of the future? – Kermode Uncut

Laser IMAX is a format I’m very excited about, generally because I love a big film showing in IMAX that’s been shot with IMAX cameras (or at least partially in IMAX), but while most recent modern films are shot in digital IMAX, they only have a widescreen aspect ratio that opens up to around 1.89:1, […]

Entourage – Mark Kermode’s worst film of 2015?

Entourage is the film version of the sitcom I never saw, and as it turns out, neither did film critic Mark Kermode. So far, I’ve only seen the trailers and they looked amusing enough, but sometimes the full experience can be a different kettle of fish altogether. The film follows suddenly-risen movie star Vince Chase […]

Kermode & Mayo’s Film Thing – Carey Mulligan

Kermode and Mayo’s Film Thing seems a bit of a weird thing at first unless you’re familiar with their regular Radio 5 Live broadcasts which are also filmed in the studio via webcams. Each week, Mark Kermode reviews the films while Simon Mayo interrupts, and banter develops. I particularly enjoy the Film Review on BBC […]

Adam Sandler – An Apology – Kermode Uncut

Adam Sandler (right) can be a divisive individual – some people can’t stand him, while the rest have a mild dislike of him. I’m in agreement with Mark Kermode, reporting here for his Kermode Uncut blog, that Sandler was at his best in Punch Drunk Love, but then he again defaulted to making lame comedies. […]

Matthew McConaughey – his reaction to Star Wars teaser #2 – Interstellar spoof

Matthew McConaughey recently starred as astronaut Cooper looking for life on the other side of godknowswhere in Christopher Nolan’s epic space movie Interstellar, and another epic space movie is coming out later this year – Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, the second trailer for which was released recently. There’s a certain scene in […]

The Will Ferrell Challenge Continued – Kermode Uncut

The Will Ferrell Challenge continued for Mark Kermode with a new vlog, following the first Kermode Uncut vlog, which centreds around the fact that people told him online that they assumed he would hate the new Will Ferrell movie, Get Hard, where he plays millionaire James King, who is nailed for fraud and bound for […]

Interstellar on Blu-ray – The DVDfever Review

Interstellar has arrived on Blu-ray and DVD this week, and the first question you’ll ask is – does it work on the smaller screen? Pretty much, is the short answer, but I’ll go into more detail later. It’s difficult to know where to begin with this film, especially since I saw it at a 10.15am […]

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