The 12 Games of Christmas: a Retro Review Kickstarter

the-12-games-of-christmas The 12 Games of Christmas is a new Kickstarter project from Matt Heald, aka Retro Review, where he’s looking to spread Christmas gaming nostalgia around the world with retro-inspired cards, shirts and more.

Matt had the idea a few years ago when a friend of his bought him a retro game for Christmas and it made him feel like a kid again, restoring those treasured memories any videogame fan gets when delving back into their favourite games of years gone by.

By backing Matt, you’ll be able to secure one or more of 12 great designs as a Christmas card, T-shirt, sweater, signed art print and much more. Designs include Christmas-themed variations on Super Mario Bros, Metroid Prime and Bubble Bobble. Plus, you can even commission a custom design for your favourite 8-bit game!

The 12 Games of Christmas is looking to raise £1500 by Monday November 2nd.

Check out the The 12 Games of Christmas Kickstarter page, visit Matt’s Retro Review page on Facebook, click on the above image for the full-size version, and also watch the video below: