The Boy Next Door – Trailer 1 – Jennifer Lopez

the-boy-next-doorThe Boy Next Door fulfils this week’s quotient for “trailer that shows a thriller without any thrills”.

The film basically plots Jennifer Lopez as a divorced woman who has an affair neighbouring teenager Noah (Ryan Guzman), and everything goes wrong. However, if you watch this trailer it’s a perfect case of everything being given away within.

Kristin Chenoweth also gets caught up in the rubbish and it’s directed by Rob Cohen, who was once responsible for reasonable escapist fluff Daylight and Dragonheart. Then again, he’s also responsible for Alex Cross, the third Mummy film which no-one went to see, and the original Fast and the Furious movie.

The Boy Next Door also proves it’s going to be dreadful because it’s not coming out until January 30th 2015, the time of year when all the rubbish gets junked.

Check out the trailer below and click on the image for a larger Jennifer Lopez: