The Boy – Official Trailer #1 – Lauren Cohan

the-boy The Boy is looks to be one of those old-style horror movies where lots of weird stuff happens and I’m hoping this film works out as well as the trailer because it’s really creeping me out, and actually reminds me of the 1978 horror Magic, starring Anthony Hopkins as a ventriloquist who at the mercy of his vicious dummy.

In this film, Lauren Cohan plays Greta, a young American nanny who takes a job in a remote English village. On arrival, she gets spooked out when she discovers the family’s 8-year-old is a life-sized doll that the parents care for just like a real boy, as a way to cope with the death of their actual son 20 years prior. Then in a Gremlins-style situation where she has to follow a set of rules (eg. don’t let him out of your sight, don’t cover him up, and so on), she ignores them all and then the youknowwhat starts to hit the fan!

Is ‘The Boy’ actually alive?

The movie is also known as The Inhabitant, and also stars Rupert Evans, Ben Robson, Jim Norton, Jett Klyne, Diana Hardcastle and James Russell, and hasn’t yet got a UK release date but is out in the US on January 22nd 2016.

Check out the trailer below and click on the above image for the full-size version: