The Clapper – Trailer 1 – Amanda Seyfried

The Clapper The Clapper looks like such a ridiculously stupid premise, about a man called Eddie (Ed Helms), whose job as a clapper in television is destroyed by 15 minutes of fame, since he pops up on every show and everyone wants to know who he is.

Okay, so there are some people out there, somewhere, especially on The Wright Stuff, where you get the same people in the audience day in day out, but in this case, Ed’s character comes across like he’s stalking Judy (Amanda Seyfried), which is weird. Even more weird is that she likes this!

The Clapper doesn’t yet have a UK or US release date.

Writer/Director: Dito Montiel
Also stars: Leah Remini, Adam Levine, Brenda Vaccaro, Russell Peters, Tracy Morgan, PJ Byrne

Check out the trailer below and click on the above picture for the full-size image: