The Dark Tower – Trailer 1 – Idris Elba

The Dark Tower The Dark Tower centres around The Gunslinger, Roland Deschain (Idris Elba), who roams an Old West-like landscape where “the world has moved on” in pursuit of the man in black. He’s also searching for the fabled Dark Tower, in the hopes that reaching it will preserve his dying world.

Based on a Stephen King novel, it’s something I’m not familiar with and I didn’t think the trailer made a great deal of sense – boy travels through to another world, weird stuff happens, yada yada, seen it a zillion times before – but I know it has a following.

All that said, the cast does include Claudia Kim, aka Dr Helen Cho from Avengers: Age of Ultron. She was hot, so I might just have to see this after all 😉

The Dark Tower is released in the UK on August 18th, two weeks after the US and most other countries.

Director: Nikolaj Arcel
Screenplay: Akiva Goldsman, Jeff Pinkner, Anders Thomas Jensen, Nikolaj Arcel
Also stars: Matthew McConaughey, Katheryn Winnick, Abbey Lee, Jackie Earle Haley, Nicholas Hamilton, Dennis Haysbert

Check out the trailer below and click on the poster for the full-size image: