The Great British Bake Off – BBC One 2015 Trailer

the-great-british-bake-offThe Great British Bake Off is soon to return for Series 6, where twelve master bakers (careful how you say that) take part in a ‘bake off’, which will test every aspect of their baking skills as they battle it out to be crowned The Great British Bake Off‘s Best Amateur Baker.

Now, I love Mel and Sue, and I really wish their ITV show, Mel & Sue, would return, but I can’t stand this. I also couldn’t care less about Paul Hollywood, and I think that Mary Berry is being powered by Duracell batteries, but the baking show really is dumbed-down chronic output of the lowest order.

Just how did it come to this, that this gameshow dirge is taking up primetime slots on BBC1??!

And even worse, the dreadful trailer apes The Sound of Music, and blares out of my television set at 6am just before Breakfast every bloody day!!

Please. Enough now!

The Great British Bake Off begins next Wednesday, August 5th at 9pm on BBC1. God knows why.

(And ignore the fact the trailer says, at the time of typing, “BBC Two”)

For more info, visit out the BBC website, and if you must, check out the trailer below and click on the group shot for the full-size version.