The Internet In Stupid Volume 1

The Internet In Stupid The Internet In Stupid is my collection of a number of articles from the internet in the past week which go some way to highlight the amount of shoddy journalism out there from overlong headlines, to headlines that are complete gibberish, to articles which are just utter, twisted rubbish.

Maybe they already get so many hits, from people who don’t like to have to think, that respectable journalism is not something with which they have to concern themselves?

Of course, I could’ve called it “10 reasons why these are the words headlines of the week”, but any title that begins with an unnecessary number just makes me want to scream. I’ll explain more of my moans as we grow.

1. Viral Clip Shows Celebs Not Clapping for Jenny Beavan During Her Oscars Win

Short pieces of footage will never tell the story, especially when they’re a three-second Vine clip, this one showing costume designer Jenny Beaven heading to the stage to collect one of her Oscars awards for Mad Max: Fury Road, seemingly showing a number of audience members, including The Revenant director Alejandro G Inarritu, sitting there, so disgruntled at the fact she’s won that they’re refusing to clap.

That was the assumption that The Epoch Times made, and also sounds like they believe the “bag lady” comment Stephen Fry made at the BAFTAs about the lady, who’s actually a good friend of his and was a joke, despite it leading him to flouncing off Twitter (again).

The full footage, including a GIF from the director, here, shows that he and others were giving plenty of applause to the winner. Oh, and the title highlights another of my bugbears – an entire title made up of capitalised words.

The Epoch Times:

the-internet-in-stupid-1b-ennio-morricone2. Forget Leo, Ennio Morricone finally won an Oscar after 500 movie credits

The Internet is stupid in this headline because it’s one of so many posts these days which, instead of being snappy, is more like a rambling sentence. Generally if you want your website post to be seen by a lot of people, you have to adhere to using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This includes having a succinct title and putting the focus of it at the beginning. But no, when it comes to The Independent, still claiming that quality journalism will exist in their online-only form, this is one of those headlines which meanders on so long that by the time it has finished, I’d nearly forgotten who they were talking about.

And, yes, I know Ennio Morricone deserves an Oscar, but not for The Hateful Eight. While this is the first time director Quentin Tarantino has commissioned a score, instead of just raiding the music archives – (a) he still DOES raid those music archives, such as an early use of The White Stripes’ Apple Blossom, and (b) most of the Morricone has been lifted from The Exorcist II: The Heretic and The Thing. Hence, let’s not go throwing awards at him for his small contribution to THIS movie.

The Independent:

kanye-west3. Kanye West reads MusicRadar, appears to go on Pirate Bay and gets slammed by Deadmau5

MusicRadar give themselves some free publicity with their rambling headline which equates to “Pop star uses the internet”.

It gives the impression that Kanye West was downloading something without paying for it, yet later states “Now, this doesn’t provide proof that anything untoward was going on”. Throwing in a response from a house music producer, and it’s another non-story.

Chalk this up to shoddy journalism.

Music Radar:

paul-mason4. Osborne just tried bullying one of Britain’s finest journalists and it totally backfired

Another rambling title and one which throws in the redundant word “totally” as it’s the kind of thing you’d expect a 12-year-old to say. Unless The Canary hires 12-year-olds as writers. I don’t really care who’s right and who’s wrong in this. I’ve seen Paul Mason (right) on Channel 4 News, but if he’s “one of Britain’s finest journalists”, why have they just given him the boot?

The Canary:

creme-egg-pizza5. Would you eat a Creme Egg pizza? Someone has created one – and we’re not sure how to react

A British organisation filling space with a preposterous “story”, using an American style ‘reaction within a headline’, namely “we’re not sure how to react”.

And it also throws in the achingly loathsome waffle of “Someone has” within a headline. When did that become a ‘thing’?

Daily Mirror:

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