The Last Of Us 2021 – TV drama – Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey

The Last Of Us 2021

The Last Of Us 2021 is a forthcoming TV drama based on the classic 2013 The Last Of Us game, and its 2020 sequel. Announced, today, in the lead roles are Pedro Pascal (Wonder Woman 1984) and relative newcomer Bella Ramsey (Judy, Two For Joy).

However, I can only envisage Elliot Page (despite being 33), formerly Ellie Page, in the latter role, albeit not being in the game, itself (Page was Beyond Two Souls, alongwith Willem Dafoe). As for Joel, perhaps, Gerard Butler?

Who do you think should be in the roles? Comment below.

The Last Of Us 2021 is coming at some point soon on HBO, and we’ll check it out nearer the time.

Check out the pictures of my suggestions below, along with the video which shows Joel and Ellie chatting in the first chapter of The Last Of Us Part II below:

Prologue – Jackson – The Last Of Us Part II Chapter 1