The Last Witch Hunter and Goosebumps – CENSORED!!!

the-last-witch-hunter The Last Witch Hunter, starring Vin Diesel, and Jack Black’s Goosebumps are coming to UK cinemas soon, but both have been censored!!!

As Bone Tomahwak gets a full, uncut and bloody 18-certificate, it’s a sad change that there’s still a number of films which the studios dumb down and censor to get more bums on seats. Two forthcoming examples are The Last Witch Hunter (censored from a 15-cert to a 12A, courtesy of Entertainment One) and Goosebumps (being dropped from a 12A to PG – thanks to Columbia Pictures – which is pathetic since ALL kids can go and see a 12A! I last saw this happen with Ben Stiller’s 2013 remake of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which was released by 20th Century Fox – the enfant terrible for this!)

The Last Witch Hunter as seen on

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Goosebumps censored info from the BBFC website:

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Check out the trailers below for The Last Witch Hunter and Goosebumps, but while they’re out in the cinema on October 21st and February 5th 2016, respectively, don’t bother seeing them in the cinema and ONLY watch them on Blu-ray or DVD if they’re uncut! Also click on the poster for the first film above for the full-size image: