Bone Tomahawk gets a bloody BBFC 18-certificate!

bone-tomahawk Bone Tomahawk is coming to UK cinemas, with Kurt Russell in the lead role, and it’s the weirdest name for a film I’ve come across in a long time, but it’s about four men, who set out in the Wild West to rescue a group of captives from cannibalistic cave dwellers.

From first-time director, S Craig Zahler, the cast is a lot more well-known and also is comprised of Patrick Wilson, Sean Young, Lili Simmons, Matthew Fox, David Arquette, Kathryn Morris, Michael Paré and Richard Jenkins.

However, it’s been awarded an 18-certificate – quite a rarity these days – for “strong violence” as well as a number of other matters which I’ll hide behind a spoiler heading…

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This marks a change from a lot of films which the studios dumb down and censor to get more bums on seats. Two forthcoming examples are The Last Witch Hunter and Goosebumps.

Check out the trailer for Bone Tomahawk below and click the above poster for the full-size image: