The Pact (2017) – The DVDfever Review – BBC2 Comedy pilot

The Pact 2017
The Pact (2017) centres around a male and female friend – Amy (Sarah Solemani – Him & Her, Bridget Jones’ Baby) and Andy (Brett Goldstein) who agree, as teenagers, to marry each other if they’ve not found ‘the one’ by the age of 35. Yes, it’s exactly the same plot as My Best Friend’s Wedding. That was surprisingly good, for a rom-com.

Early on, Amy gives singledom excuses to friends about how she’s just renting a flat, and prefers to be single anyway, and there’s an amusing exchange at a party:

    Amy: “What if I *never* meet someone??”
    Friend: “You’ll die of loneliness(!)”

There is nothing here we haven’t seen before, but while the central performances make it a passable 30 minutes, I can’t see any reason that suggests it’s worth turning into a full series. There is scope for it, with a twist late on, but I won’t be making a pact to watch it.

The Pact isn’t available to pre-order on DVD and is unlikely to be at this point, given that it’s a one-off. If you missed it, you can watch it on BBC iPlayer for 30 days after transmission.

New comedy on BBC Two – trailer

Score: 2/10

Director: Tony Dow
Producer: Sam Ward
Writers: James Britton and Rick Laxton

Amy: Sarah Solemani
Andy: Brett Goldstein
Mona: Sarah Sweeney
Kelly: Lolly Adefope
Ben: Ade Adepitan
Cousin Gemma: Gabby Best
Tom: Benjamin Cawley
Fatima: Flaminia Cinque
Sophie: Rosa Coduri
Emily: Holly Earl
Lisa: Ruth Gibson
Angus: Richard Hand
Young Amy: Scarlett Murphy
Jamaal: Mitesh Soni
Becca: Sophie Trott
Young Andy: Jamie Ward
Steve: Rick Warden