The Secret – The DVDfever Cinema Review

the-secret The Secret shows that while school can be a fairly isolating place at the best of times – and we’ve all been there, some things just aren’t panning out the way an average school day should.

David (Steven Coward, right) arrives a bit late for school, just after the bus has drawn up and classes have begun, and as he takes his seat he’s ignored by his teacher, played by Nicola Haldane, when attempting to answer questions despite clearly wanting to impart the information. Other chilren sneer at him, while at the back, Rosie (Emily Batchford, below), asks the teacher to go easy on David because he doesn’t know yet… about the secret…, and adds with a chilling air, “but he will do soon.”

Little by little, the realisation kicks in and when you think you’ve sussed it out, it’s really not quite what you think. But what is it? Well, that would be telling :)

The Secret features excellent performances from the two leads, Steven (age 14), who took the lead role in Jon Rosling’s earlier feature, Waterfall, and Emily (age 11) who makes her debut in this film.


As well as the haunting soundtrack, which was atmospheric in all the right places, the camera angles also complemented the look of the film, including when David first walks up to the school with the camera low-down making the school looking even more daunting, and the overcast weather all fitted in together to echo that feeling of a school day when you’re not in the mood for one. There was also an element in there that reminded me of The Eye (the original, that is. I haven’t entertained the thought
of seeing the Hollywood remake).

I went to see The Secret at the premiere on July 17th and there was a fantastic atmosphere about the whole screening. I’ve known Jon for many years, ever since we were both at Keele University. I was so looking forward to this film and it didn’t disappoint at all.

Note that the film has already been submitted to Raindance, the Canary Wharf Film Festivals, Encounters at Bristol and the Renderyard Film Festival and more are due soon.

Check out the Official Website where you can buy the 2015 Remastered version, and also watch the film’s trailer.


Detailed specs:

Running time: 10 minutes
Studio: Eye Films Ltd
Year: 2008
Format: 1.85:1
Released: July 17th 2008
Rating: 10/10

Director: Jon Rosling
Producer: Marianna Segenhout
Screenplay: Jon Rosling
Original Score: Heather Fenoughty

David: Steven Coward
Rosie: Emily Batchford
The Teacher: Nicola Haldane
Bubble-gum girl: Abby Mills
Good-looking boy: Travis Brashaw
Angel of Death: Jordan Smith
Paul: Billy Metcalfe
Sally: Abigail Dunstan
School pupils: Jessa Chambers, Robert Parson, Sally Millington, Brooke Perry, Katie Boid, Lauren Harthill, Julia Kennedy, Katie Flute, Laura Clayton