The Bourne Conspiracy on Xbox 360 – The DVDfever Review


The Bourne Conspiracy is based less on the books – none of which I’ve read, and more on the films – the first two of which I’ve seen, although it concentrates on the first one.

2 days prior to waking up in the sea, Wombosi’s out to kill you and O’Connor has been sent to do the job, so you have to kill him before he does the same back. There’s a plot to the film itself, but here you’ll get a succession of fights and a bit of driving.

Aside from the fact that you won’t see Matt Damon’s likeness or hear his voice – Jeffrey Pierce performs the vocal duties, with Franka Potente reprising her role as Marie, while Alexander Conklin’s voice is brought to us, not by Chris Cooper, but by William Sadler, probably best known as Col. Stuart in Die Hard 2, and from Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey as Death!

Bourne Conspircy Clip 1: Fighting it out!

I also noted the following random observations:

  • Running round the streets of Marseilles, France, this ain’t no GTA 4 as people won’t even notice you trying to run into them, and neither will most of the furniture.

  • A bout of fisticuffs is just so damn repetitive as you’ll see from the first clip and the ‘B’ for doing a Takedown is pointed out so you know the tedium against that opponent need not continue. It’s annoying that as you lose energy, the edges of the screen start going red. Erm.. I know I’m losing energy. That’s why there’s a bar there telling me that. I don’t need any more visual clues. There are similarly too many times where it tells you how to fight while playing the game. Surely this would be best served by a brief tutorial beforehand? And in any event, there’s far too much button-mashing just to get to where you want to go.

    Oh, and gun takedowns are also possible, but often the button to do this appears before you realise there’s someone to shoot at as that enemy is easily dealt with, it just feels like it’s trying to speed up the game even more. That said, pulling off a headshot that you can do without a takedown is fantastic.

  • Even when you’ve got several baddies surrounding you, they’ll only fight one at a time. And why can’t I whip out my gun and shoot them? Why is a fight always so necessary?

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Bourne Conspircy Clip 4: Watch out for the train!


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