The Story of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum – pre-order the book now!

The Story of the Sinclair ZX SpectrumThe Story of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum is a new book for all fans of the computer, which visually charts the best games on the ZX Spectrum from 1982 onwards until the early ’90s. Each spread will contain a large iconic image of the game and be accompanied by artwork from the inlay, the game’s advertisement, where available, and further game screens showing the loading screen, menu and so on.

There will also be interviews with many programmers, artists and musicians to get their view on the Spectrum and how it helped launch their careers into gaming.

The ZX Spectrum was my whole life during the early-to-late 1980s, and people are even still making homebrew games for it today!

The Story of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, written by Chris Wilkins from Revival Retro Events – who hold their annual retrogaming event, Revival, at Wolverhampton Racecourse, will run to over 200 pages in length, and will follow the same high standard adopted for ‘The History of Ocean Software‘ and ‘The Story of U.S. Gold‘, and the ‘Sinclair’ logo on the front cover will be embossed making the book a desirable addition to any gaming fan or book collector.

I’ve also written one of the reviews for the book, a firm favourite of mine from 1984 – Underwurlde, the sequel to Sabre Wulf, both of which were released by Ultimate Play The Game.

Which was your favourite ZX Spectrum game? Post in the comments below.

Check out a preview below (click on the picture for a full-size version), pre-order the book from, and check out the Facebook group.