The Tuckers – The DVDfever Review – BBC One Wales sitcom

The Tuckers The Tuckers is all about a family of workshy fops in Wales – basically, the Welsh version of Bread… to a degree. There’s certainly no politics in the first episode that I’ve seen so far.

And note that the entire series is now online, so you can watch this even if you’re not in Wales.

There’s no major storyline here, but it does have a decent smattering of laughs, beginning with partiarch of the dysfunctional family, Glyn (writer Steve Speirs), as he puts huge mirrors on his electric scooter…

    Glyn (hopeful): “These will help me stand out, you know”
    Sons mocking him: “Yeah, like a right dick(!)”

In fact, the best way to get across this show is to highlight a few of the jokes/exchanges, such as when his mother is making promises during a booty call, and adds in a sultry fashion, “And I promise you… no thermals this time…”

There’s a man who had his driving licence taken away from him for the crime of…. driving without a licence; we see those two sons are not the brightest, easily being diddled out of some cash for a job they’re about to do, and a man known as Dai ‘Up And Down’ is suspected of stealing the wing mirrors, even though he’s 82 and only has one leg!

It took me a few minutes to get into this, but after that, I did find it very amusing, and you will too, as long as you enjoy comedy which is a bit silly, but it’s also well-edited and well-written. There are no big laughs, but certainly worth a watch for quite a few chuckles.

The Tuckers is not yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD, but while it continues on BBC One Wales next Friday at 9.30pm, you can watch the entire series now on the BBC iPlayer.

The Tuckers – Series Trailer – BBC

Episode 1 Score: 7.5/10

Director: Ian Fitzgibbon
Producer: Owen Bell
Writer: Steve Speirs

Glyn Tucker: Steve Speirs
Murphy: Robert Pugh
Peggy Tucker: Lynn Hunter
Billy Tucker: Joshua McCord
Bobby Tucker: Ben McGregor
Natalie Tucker: Alexandria Riley
Shakira Tucker: Hope Reynolds
Clock: James Thomas
Dai ‘Up And Down’: Alan David
Roberto: Francois Pandolfo
PC Rod Rogers: Tim Treloar
WPC Sam Graham: Jennifer Sims