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Thief is really “Thief 4”. This is what happens when videogames try and reboot the franchise. Is it to try and forget the previous titles? They shouldn’t as the first two are much better than this one.

In fact, after playing the monumental second game in the series, released in 2000, I then looked forward to No.3, “Deadly Shadows”, but it fell down on a number of aspects by comparison, and looking at Thief 2014, none of those issues have been addressed by Square Enix.

Again you take the role of Garrett, master thief, making your way through the town, going from location to location, and aiming to steal as many of the expensive treasures as possible. And that’s about all you need to know in terms of description for the basis is the same as it always has been.

Note that the last entry allowed a third-person view of Garrett for the first time in the series. I presume that’s also the last time it’ll make an appearance as I couldn’t find it as an option here, and I found it quite jarring, anyway.

Thief – Prologue: The Drop (720p HD)

Some good points first of all.

As introduced in Thief 3, the lockpicking requires you to rotate the left thumbstick until you get the heaviest vibration from the lock on your controller, then pull R2 to set that in position. This time round, lockpicking requires 3 or 4 of these per lock rather than just one, and if you fail any of them then you can apparently draw attention to yourself but that never transpired when I failed.

It’s also of interest to hang back sometimes and listen in to the baddies’ conversations for a while, before smacking them into next week. However, while before you could quickly knock people out and then throw them into a fire or some water and hear them scream or go “glub glub” as they shuffle off their mortal coil, the takedown feature, this time round, means they die quite definitively, so no more fun can be had with them. I still pick the bodies up, but only to automatically pickpocket them since then they’re dead you can’t appear to loot them any more.

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Thief – Level 1: Lockdown (720p HD)


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