Thinking Out Loud – Inside No.9 Series 5 Episode 5 – The DVDfever Review

Thinking Out Loud
Thinking Out Loud is the fifth episode of Inside No.9 Series 5.

Seven people, seven voices on camera, and the billing for this states “their fates inevitably, inextricably, and unknowingly set for a head-on collision”… in the same way as The League of Gentlemen Series 3? Hopefully not involving Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen again.

Bill (Phil Davis) is a widow and looking for love in a video dating set-up – but that’s not how they’re all going to go; Nadia (Maxine Peake) sits at a table at home – like one of those Alan Bennett monologues – and relates a family tale which indicates that life always seems to be better for others; Galen (Steve Pemberton) is a Louisiana prisoner, whose mum was less than impressed about how he skinned a rabbit in the kitchen whilst he was a child.

Angel (Ioanna Kimbook) is a social media influencer, talking to her ‘Angel Army’ – and she comes across as irritating as the real ones out there, talking about how she did a charity drive recently, where she had to stay off social media for a whole three hours!

Meanwhile, Aidan (Reece Shearsmith) sits in his study, talking about the ‘Sundayness’ of his childhood; and Diana (Sandra Gayer) is a singer in her local church.

As it goes on, you start to draw links between these individuals, and you know that since this is Inside No.9, it’s never going to be plain sailing, so how that comes about is what you’re waiting to discover… and it’s left me completely confused.Dom 😀

Just don’t tear your eyes off the screen for a moment.

Thinking Out Loud is broadcast on BBC2 on Monday March 2nd, and then will be on the BBC iPlayer.

Inside No.9 Series 5 is available to pre-order on DVD, but there’s no Blu-ray listed yet. However, with Series 4, I think the Blu-ray came a short time after the DVD release, rather than simultaneously, so hopefully that’ll come soon, as it’s popular series, as it’s longevity testifies.

Also available to buy:

Inside No.9 Series 5 – Series Trailer – BBC Two

Score: 8.5/10

Director: Steve Pemberton
Producer: Adam Tandy
Writer: Steve Pemberton

Bill: Phil Davis
Nadia: Maxine Peake
Galen: Steve Pemberton
Angel: Ioanna Kimbook
Aidan: Reece Shearsmith
Diana: Sandra Gayer
Therapist: Sara Kestelman