This Is Going To Hurt – The DVDfever Review – Ben Whishaw – Drama of the Year?

This Is Going To Hurt This Is Going To Hurt stars Ben Whishaw as Adam, a junior doctor and he’s so knackered from his job that as we see him, he’s sat in his car… because after his last shift, he never actually made it out of the car park to go home.

Set in London, 2006, and in going into just the opening scenario, while heading in, Adam meets patient Andrea before he even gets in the hospital. Her baby is so ready to be born that one arm is already hanging out of where babies normally come from, although a Caesarean section is required (which made me feel a bit queasy). What’s also required is that they take the short cut of travelling in the service lift(!)

Our lead works in obstetrics and gynaecology – which he dubs “Brats and Twats” – and as the opener continues, quite often, he gives asides to the camera, breaking the fourth wall. Sometimes, these are comedic, but sometimes, more serious – depending on the situation.

Along the way, we’re introduced to new intern Shruti (Ambika Mod), as well as Harry (Rory Fleck Byrne), Adam’s partner, although our lead hasn’t yet come out to his Mum. Add in a stag do, some nasty patients, and watch out for the dolphin…

This Is Going To Hurt has very acerbic wit throughout, which also leads to it being very wordy. There were no subtitles on the preview I saw, so even though I have access to watch more, I might prefer to catch the rest on iPlayer. Either way, I will see these.

The first episode is 46 minutes, so I expect this has been made with commercial TV in mind – since adverts would take it up to the full hour. Then again, it’s better to have 46 minutes of solid drama than padding it out to an hour. As the end credits show, this is a co-production with American streaming channel, AMC+.

Given that it’s based on Adam Kay’s own experiences, this reminds me of Jed Mercurio’s superb ’90s drama, Cardiac Arrest. In both cases, the dramas gets across how severly understaffed the NHS is, and how we should value it.

As a couple of asides, I spotted a hand gel dispenser on the wall, and I don’t think hospitals had them back then. Also, for those without Shazam, the end credits music on the opening episode is The Chemical Brothers’ The State We’re In.

After watching all other six episodes, well, this series qas quite an exceptional one. I owe my life to the NHS, and while life has its ups and downs, the rollercoaster ride for this was a hell of a one. And when there are downs, Good Lord!, there are downs. In fact, I’d go so far as to say this could be 2022’s Drama of the Year!

Now, I don’t want to give any spoilers, so it’s safe to say – just get it watched! Now, can we have more, please?

This Is Going To Hurt begins Tuesday February 8th at 9pm. It’s not yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD.

After episode one has been broadcast, the whole series will be on the BBC iPlayer.

This Is Going To Hurt – Official Trailer – BBC

Series 1 Score: 10/10

Series Directors: Lucy Forbes, Tom Kingsley
Producer: Holly Pullinger
Creator/Writer: Adam Kay

Adam: Ben Whishaw
Shruti: Ambika Mod
Tracy: Michele Austin
Erika Van Hegen: Hannah Onslow
Paula Van Hegen: Rosie Akerman
Andrea: Andreea Paduraru
Andrea’s Husband: Marcel Dorian
Mr. Lockhart: Alex Jennings
Harry: Rory Fleck Byrne
Greg: Tom Durant Pritchard
Ria: Philippa Dunne
Callie: Alice Bailey Johnson
Callie’s Mother: Marion Bailey
Anna (Midwife): Sarah Durham
Welly: James Corrigan
Benila: Yasmin Wilde
Mrs Winnicka: Sara Kestelman
Rachel: Heather Agyepong
Agnieska: Agata Jarosz
Graham: Andrew Nolan
Greg: Tom Durant-Pritchard
Welly: James Corrigan
Non-Reassuring Trace: Josie Walker
Paula: Rosie Akerman
Ben: Michael Workeye
Veronique: Harriet Walter
Julian: Kadiff Kirwan
Miss Houghton: Ashley McGuire
Midwife Liam Henry: Dywayne Thomas
Amie: Grace Cookey-Gam
Al: George Somner
Dave: Bally Gill
Grandmother: Julia Westcott-Hutton
Drunk: Richard D Myers
Hospital visitor: Pierre Bergman