Three of the Best Retro Games on Steam in 2019

Three of the Best Retro Games on Steam in 2019Considering how many amazing games get launched each and every year, it’s easy for the classics to get swept aside in the hype that surrounds something newer and shinier. We can’t wait to fire up our novel purchase the second it arrives. We play it from start to finish, revelling in the buzz – and then it hits us… that insidious feeling of nostalgia.

There’s a comfort in going back to our favourite games. We might know them inside out but the lack of suspense does little to take away from our enjoyment. That’s why we’re so glad Steam exists. Helping to fill the void and make sure even retro offerings are easily accessible, we thought it deserved a little ode of its own.
So, to celebrate, here are three of its most amazing vintage games for when you next fancy taking a trip back through time…

Tomb Raider

Priced at £14.99, the original Tomb Raider and the rest of this inimitable franchise are all currently available for purchase on Steam. Proudly basking in its own glory, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the platform’s best-selling offerings, given that it comes complete with the clunky controls and clumsier landscapes that helped it gain such a following in the first place. Its dated aesthetic aside, Tomb Raider’s true appeal lies in a very simple fact: it’s one of those rare games that manages to be mentally challenging without being overwhelming. Giving the player plenty of room to take in their environment and plot their next steps, it never feels like it’s forcing you to rush through levels or miss out on the overall experience. Just remember that, if you do play, the original MS-DOS version featured on Steam does not have save crystals, so relying on them would be a pretty big mistake to make.


Retro games are not just experiencing a revival on platforms like Steam. In fact, everything from apps like Tetris to games like Battleship Direct Hit, one of the Mr Smith Casino slots, are drawing upon vintage ideas and well-known names to lure in new audiences, and it’s no surprise that their tactics are proving successful. Insaniquarium is another perfect case in point. Although it might not be one of the most stand-out titles ever made, it was still played by a generation of young people, many of whom enjoy the comforting familiarity of the concept it’s based on. Fun and casual, it requires players to carefully manage both money and food resources in order to keep a tank full of guppies alive, and we have to admit that it’s deliciously addictive. If you want something old-school that won’t take up too much of your time, it’s available to purchase for just £4.25.


Widely considered to be an enigma by those who’ve played it, Myst has become no less mysterious with time, but therein lies its beauty. Hand holding is not its style, and those who give it a go should expect two things: to not get very far and to have little clue as to what they’re actually supposed to do. That said, this is a beloved point-and-click game for a reason, and that’s because it has some of the best puzzles around, old or new. Challenging your brain and leaving you guessing throughout, it will take you on an adventure that every player ought to experience at least once in their lifetime. Plus, priced at just £3.99, it’s an absolute steal.

Tell us, if it were down to you, which other games would you add to this list?