Happy New Year for 2019!

Happy New Year for 2019! Happy New Year for 2019!

My Top 10 Worst Movies of 2018 are now online, below, and when it comes to Solo, I can’t be ‘alone’ in saying that one deserved a place…

My Top 10 Best Movies will be online soon. Hope everyone has a fab New Year.

In 2019, I’m certainly going to focus more on my Youtube channel as I have been doing for a lot of 2018. As a result, I dropped a few regular elements of my website, namely the music charts and movie charts. Not many people were reading those, and I kept falling behind as real life took priority in 2018, so even though I’ve been putting the music charts online since 1994 – although those who publish the information wanted me to remove those that went online prior to March 1997, as they contained the full charts, it came time to finally stop.

For gameplay, I find I’m getting into a lot more indie games rather than the big, mainstream games. There’s always room for some of the latter, but the indie games are shorter, and are not sprawling over multiple areas, so I can find time for more of them.

I also need to get into more old Sony PSP games and record gaming footage for those. Why record gaming footage for a system that’s over 10 years old? Because people still watch the gameplay footage of those on my channel, and when I posed a question on my Community Tab asking what people like most and would like to see more of, the highest votes went to retro gaming footage.

In fact, the biggest video on my channel is still the same as it’s been for some time – a Little Big Planet level where you had to crack a particular code. I uploaded it, along with all the other levels, and didn’t think anything else about it, and then people have come in their droves to see how you crack the code.

Elsewhere, I made a spoof rap song, Knickers Knickers Knickers, uploaded it, it got around 40-50 hits and then died a quick death… then three months later, in July, I saw a spike in hits, and all of a sudden it was being (which you can see below)shared here and there, and as of today, it has around 23,000 hits. I’ve been suggested another song to cover, so I shall get on that and reveal that soon. It’s certainly a more wordy song so I’ll need to practice!

I still enjoy doing the odd piece of dashcam footage, which I expect probably jars with Youtube’s algorithm as it’ll be wondering why a gaming channel is including such footage, but I do like putting them up. I’ve still got a few I’ve not yet uploaded. Just haven’t had time to get them sorted out. I need 48 hours in a day.