Time Out of Mind – Official Trailer #1 – Richard Gere

Time Out of Mind stars Richard Gere as homeless man George, who tries to reconnect with his estranged daughter, Maggie (Jena Malone). Again, like The Runner, this looks less a mainstream movie and more a ‘TV movie’. Perhaps that’s why it hasn’t had a widespread release and it’s still waiting for a date to be announced, either in the US or UK.

During filming, a French tourist mistook Richard Gere – who was in character – for a homeless man and gave him leftover pizza. They only found out it was Gere, later on, after reading a New York Post article.

And to show whether or not it’s worth watching, more than 20 attendees walked out during the Toronto International Film Festival screening, last year.

Time Out of Mind also stars Danielle Brooks, Abigail Savage, Jeremy Strong, and the strangely-named Dominic Colon.

Check out the trailer below and click on the image for the full-size version: