Tipping Point 2021 – New set! New rules from March 19th!

Tipping Point 2021 Tipping Point 2021 – The first new series filmed during lockdown and there’s a new set and new rules, and it all starts on ITV at 4pm on Monday March 19th!

The new set is below, and given COVID19 regulations, Phil looks like he’s got his eye on Beth. It’s similar to Winning Combination when they staggered contestants about.

For the new rules, there are two new wins. It revolves around the double counters. As we saw last year with Clive, he was the first person to get the double counter at the same time as the £10,000 winning counter, meaning he won £20,000!

However, the main new rules this time round is that if you can get two doubles in a single drop (must have dislodged a counter in another drop zone), then that’s a multiple of FOUR for your drop! Imagine doing that at the same time as the winning counter! That’s £40,000!

I understand we also have a second person coming up with a double jackpot, so there’s £20,000 right there, but Ben wasn’t saying when it’ll happen.

Let’s hope they also fix the machine in the meantime, so there’s no more magnets in the machine(!)

Check out the new episodes for Tipping Point 2021, starting at 4pm on Monday March 19th!

Tipping Point 2021