Utopia: the mostly superb Channel 4 drama has been cancelled

utopia Utopia was an amazing drama when it first starting, introducing the nation to the eerie question – “Where is Jessica Hyde?” – while damaging and scooping out one of Winston Winston’s eyes, then making you think Lee was dead, only for him to return in series 2 and slash Ian’s boss in the throat.

It had some amazing, but contraversial scenes, not least that of Series 1 Episode 3, when Arby (Neil Maskell) walked into a school, executed the headmaster and then continued on the children on the teacher, with a view to blaming this on Grant (Oliver Woollford).

Alas, while I loved series 1 – which also starred Michael Smiley meeting an early death by Arby, Utopia fell apart during series 2 and ratings were very poor. Also, while the first series was released on both Blu-ray and DVD, Series 2 was DVD only, which was quite telling.

The series was also one of the few which is actually made in Dolby Digital 5.1. And the well-shot 2.35:1 widescreen frame – quite rare for a TV series – certainly heightened the tension.

Now, where is Jessica Hyde?

Utopia Series 1 and 2 is available to buy in a DVD boxset, and Series 1 can also be bought on Blu-ray. Sadly, we didn’t get a Blu-ray for series 2.