Venom Nintendo Switch Starter Pack – The DVDfever Review

Venom Nintendo Switch Starter Pack

Venom Nintendo Switch Starter Pack: Being the newest console out, companies have made a plethora of accessories to try and catch the positive Switch vibe. You can find yourself going on to Amazon and buying accessories which end up being rubbish, or paying that little bit extra for all the official stuff that may not always be as good as some of the other companies.

I also have the official Nintendo case, so this gives me something to compare it to.

Within this package you get a carry case, screen protector and a pair of headphones. First of all, getting all that for the price is incredibly competitive. However, only if the quality is worth it, which in this case (sorry for the pun), for most of it, is.

The case is sturdy and seems to offer more protection than the official Nintendo product. It is a perfect fit and has one of my favourite features – within the case, you have two straps which sit perfectly over the console keeping it in place, even when you are moving about. This is an added bonus which helps this case stand out against its many competitors. Sadly, the case uses a mesh netting to store games or accessories, and I found the netting was too loose to hold the games in place and they would wiggle about whilst you were moving. I suppose the idea of the netting is that it will keep larger accessories in place, as well as the games but realistically, most people will use it for games.

The screen protector fits perfectly and seems quite durable. The screen protector is something that you need to make sure you use with the Switch, as a lot of people of saying that putting the Switch in and out of the docking bay is scratching the screen.

The headphones are decent, and that is about the only word I can use to describe them. If you want real quality, you’re better off getting the Venom In-Ear Stereo Gaming Kit, so the ones in this package can be considered a nice little extra which you can keep in the mesh netting in case you forget your good headphones.

One thing this case is missing, which others have, is a stand. Since people are using their Switch as an on-the-go console, the stand makes it easy to keep the game in a stable position. I must be honest though – for me,the stand isn’t a game-changing factor. The Switch itself has a stand built-in and I can’t play games in cars as it makes me sick, so every time I use the stand I am in a stable enough position to use the one on the console. That said, I recognise that for others, this may be a problem.

Overall, for the price you pay, you will get a quality product, here; a competitive must-needed accessory which will help you keep your console safe as well as play the Switch on the move.

Score: 7/10 – This will be the case I use from now on.

Venom Nintendo Switch Starter Pack is available now from Amazon, and click on the packshot for the full-size version.