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Venom In-Ear Stereo eSports Gaming Headset

Venom In-Ear Stereo eSports Gaming Headset: Here we have a gaming headset which really offers versatility. Although this review was primarily for the use of the headset with the Nintendo Switch, I did have a go at using it with the PSVR and the Xbox One. It offers the same quality for all of these consoles. What also impressed me was that the headset comes with the adapter to make it work with the Xbox 360, which is a nice little extra touch for those who are still playing said console.

Currently, for gaming, I use a very expensive over-ear pair of headphones so I wanted to see what a much cheaper, in-ear set could offer me. I was actually pleasantly surprised.

First of all, the earphones are very comfortable. They fit around my ears as well as my wife’s (not giving much away but I have tiny ears and she doesn’t.). This is important because I often find it hard to get a pair of in-ears to feel comfortable, hence my usual choice. With this product, you’ll receive three different sized ear grommets which suited me perfectly as I found myself outing in the smaller size. My wife, on the other hand, found that the medium-sized grommets fitted nicely. I even tried running with them on and found they stayed quite stable in my ears. Saying that, I don’t often run whilst gaming.

What I was surprised about is the decent sound quality and good strength of volume. The headset offers 13mm speaker drivers but at times I felt the quality was as good as my over-ear headphones. They are also good for blocking out the sound from outside your gaming environment. I was often using them whilst my wife was playing games on a different console. Even though she loves talking when she is playing, I couldn’t hear a word of what she was saying. Perfect!

Visually, these earphones use dominate colours like red and black, which reminded me of another popular headphone brand. One of the only issues is that they are quite clunky and a little larger than you may have wanted. However, that is probably why they give off the quality that they do.

They also boost a microphone on/off switch so you can mute what you are saying whilst talking trash about your friends. The cable is the right length as you won’t find it getting in your way, but you won’t find yourself needing it to be any longer.

Overall, we have a headset that offers a great price, versatility with a range of consoles as well and all the extra bits you could need. It offers great sound quality and a comfortable fit. From now on, this will be the headset I use for gaming, as well as for music on my phone. Well done Venom! You’ve made something I prefer to all the expensive options I’ve previously bought.

Score: 9/10 – well worth your money.

Venom In-Ear Stereo eSports Gaming Headset is available now from Amazon, and click on the packshot for the full-size version.

I have been a video game player since 1993 and a music fan since I can remember. I studied Film and Journalism at university and ended up becoming a Primary School teacher. Video games changed my life and sent me on the right track and have stayed with me ever since.


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