Warhammer 40000 Rites of War FREE! Now on PC!

Warhammer 40000 Rites of War FREE Warhammer 40000 Rites of War FREE! Now on PC!

Yes, another free game for your delight and delectation, and this one comes courtesy from DVDfever reviewer Iain Metcalf! The game is the RPG tite, Warhammer 40000 Rites of War, first released in July 1999!

So what’s the game about?

Inspired by the board and figurine games made popular by Games Workshop, the universe of Warhammer 40,000 is a vast and violent one, rife with strange, alien races, including the Eldar®. The mysterious Eldar are all that remains of a once great and powerful civilization that ruled the galaxy. They travel the stars in enormous spacecraft called Craftworlds, seeking the Maiden Worlds their ancestors created in ancient times.

One such world is now inhabited by humans and possesses historical records and artifacts of great power far too valuable to leave in their hands. This once proud race now fights for its very survival, and must protect the secrets and power of their ancestors from both the Imperium of Man and the evil, bio-engineered Tyranids, bent on the destruction of this fertile paradise.

Rites of War features a tightly crafted storyline composed of 24 missions and varied victory conditions as you lead the Eldar in their fight for survival. Additional scenarios allow for control of Tyrannid and Imperial armies and a glory point system lets you build and customize your own army, with 8 distinct troop classes ranging from War Machines to Assault Troops to Devastator Squads. A level-based experience system enhances the game’s RPG (Role-Playing Game) element, allowing you to upgrade and customize units, enhance warrior skills and employ “psyker” (psychic) abilities.


  • 24 mission campaign features a tightly crafted storyline, detailed atmosphere and varied victory conditions.
  • Additional scenarios let you command Tyrannid and Imperial armies
  • Glory point system lets you build and customise armies, with your choice of unit types, wargear and warrior skills

So, how to claim this game for free?

First up, go to GOG, and after you’ve logged in, click on Go To Giveaway, then on the next page – click on “Giveaway: Warhammer 40000 Rites of War – Get it FREE”. Then it will tell you that the game will be in your account soon.

Then Go to Account > Games and all three will appear there for you to click on and download. Now, you can use GOG’s own GOG Galaxy program to act like Steam and Epic Games etc, but I prefer to “Download Offline Backup Game Installers”, save them to my hard drive and then install myself.

Now, claim this game fast, since the offer is only available until Sunday July 19th at 2pm UK time.

Check out the video below:

Warhammer 40000 Rites of War – Gameplay – Killerratte